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Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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The legalization of marijuana has been one of the most highly debated topics of today’s society. It has the potential to be both beneficial and harmful to mankind as a whole; however, the pros of legalization far outweigh the cons.

The most common argument against marijuana is that if it were to be legalized that it could have adverse health effects, especially when used in large doses; but any substance can be harmful if not taken in moderation. Why are substances such as tobacco and alcohol legal, when they all carry equal risks and benefits? Why is marijuana unfairly controlled and restricted without consideration to the facts? Cigarettes are legal yet one in ten smokers will have lung or heart related complications that have been directly ...view middle of the document...

To ignore the facts about marijuana is a step back for society as a whole.

Almost 25,000 different commercial and industrial products can be made from hemp/marijuana, including: milk, clothes, paper and medicine. Why is this valuable resource not available to the general public? The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was largely due to an effort by businessmen Andrew Mellon, Randolph Hearst, and the Du Pont family who had all invested heavily in many timber holdings. The new tax was aimed at reducing the size of the hemp industry because of its growing popularity, as a cheaper newspaper pulp than that of traditional wood.

Despite the overwhelming amount of pros; there are some cons that should be addressed and people should be educated about, around 10% of marijuana users become or are “emotionally dependent” or “addicted”, being emotionally dependent is a psychological craving for, habituation to, or addiction to a chemical substance; the term replaces
drug addiction, which emphasizes a physiologic craving.
Despite this, the numbers of alcoholic’s and emotionally dependent marijuana users are statistically around the same, making recreational marijuana use no more dangerous than that of alcohol.

Hundreds of thousands of youths are arrested or involved in marijuana related charges and can put adolescents at risk of prosecution in an unfair and unjust system, that too harshly punishes marijuana users, resulting in criminal records and prison time which can ruin lives and blemish records.

In closing, legalizing marijuana clearly has more pros than cons, and its definitely worth the effort. The health risks are just as bad, if not better, as the health risks of alcohol and tobacco, those drugs are legal, though, so why shouldn’t marijuana be?

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