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Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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His early childhood
Leonardo da Vinci is usually regarded as an artistic genius who possessed great ability in art and understanding of the human physical features and natural sciences as depicted in his art. Leonardo da Vinci was also an accomplished musician and scientist. No other artist of his generation had such exceptional ability and left behind such a wealth of graphic work. He was somehow controversial and as a young man he was accused of being a homosexual (Frank Zöllner 2002 p.7). However even though most of his works were of exceptional quality he had a tendency of not finishing his works and sometimes fled due to social problems.
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While still a boy he did detailed drawings on paper which were of exceptional quality in their finishing (Frank Zöllner, 2000 p7).
One day his father took some of the drawings made by Leonardo to his friend Andrea del Verrocchio (1433-1485), a Florentine painter and sculptor (Frank Zöllner, 2000 p.7). Andrea noted the exceptional quality of the paintings and insisted that ser piero should make him study design. Leonardo da Vinci therefore studied design after being requested by his father. However del Verrocchio saw the high quality of da Vinci’s work even though he was still learning the subject and convinced his father to let him study design as his apprentice. When his father asked Leonardo to work as an assistant to Andrea he gladly accepted.

Early life as an artist
When Leonardo da Vinci joined Andrea del Verrocchio’s workshop as his apprentice, he practiced all branches of art in which drawing is a part of including architecture by using his intellect as a geometrician. He made architectural plans and elevations, designed flour mills fulling machines and engines which could be driven by the force of water (Leonardo, 2002 p 7). However painting was what he mainly did. In his youth he also made sculptures of the heads of boys and smiling women (Frank Zöllner 2000). These sculptures seemed to be of exceptional quality and showed that he had a good understanding of the anatomy of the human body.
While da Vinci was still an apprentice at the workshop of Del Verrocchio, the latter was commissioned to do a painting of The Baptism of Christ (Frank Zöllner, 2000 p10). Del Verrocchio asked da Vinci to paint part of the work painting the angel who kneels while holding some garments. He also asked da Vinci to modify the background in the painting. He made the painting in such a way that by comparing them with the painting made by Del Verrocchio, the painting of the former seemed to be of higher quality compared with the painting made by Del Verrocchio. This is said to have made Andrea Del Verrocchio to quit painting with colour since he could not bear the humiliation of having his painting seem inferior to that of da Vinci and yet da Vinci was far much younger than him and still his student (Frank Zöllner 2000 p. 14). Da Vinci was accepted into the painters’ guild of Florence in 1472 while he was still working as an apprentice of del verrocchio soon after finishing the verrocchio painting The Baptism of christ

Baptism of Christ Source: Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519 By Frank Zöllner 2000

Leonardo da Vinci’s works of art
Among the most original and creative works of da Vinci was the painting he made of medusa’s head. It had weird knots of serpents instead of hair on its head (Leonardo 2002 p.5). One of the earliest dated works of Leonardo da Vinci shows the view of a valley with hills on both sides the horizon and the sea in the distance. He drew sketches to represent the trees in the landscape in an...

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