Letter To Parents To Inform About Problems You Are Facing In Your College/University

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A.B.C address
January 5, 2016.

Dear Parents,
I hope you are fine. I received your letter a week before in which you were asking about my health and problems which I am facing in my university. You don’t need to worry about me as I am not facing such major problems. But I am facing little difficulties as I am new here and people are unknown to me. When I ...view middle of the document...

Some senior students helped me but some of the seniors caught me and starting asking me awkward questions and they were teasing me. I didn’t know what to do I was really stressed.
After one week I was a bit familiar with the situation and environment of class and university but still there was no friend of mine. For a moment I decided to left the university and come back to home. But then I realized that everyone has to face problems in life and I should be strong.
Now it is my third week, there are many friends of mine. I am familiar with different attitudes and situations. Still I am facing some difficulties and studies because routine is very tough and I could understand lectures of some teachers. I could not even sleep comfortably. Exams are about to come and I am preparing for them.
So, these are some problems which I am facing in university. But I believe that everything will be fine. I just need your prayers and support. Give my regard to all family members and I am waiting for your letter.
With love,

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