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Liberal Media Essay

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When it comes to constructing public opinion I side with the affirmative that mainstream media does have a liberal, leftist bias. This media which includes major traditional mainstream news networks and newspapers have had a long standing liberal bias. In the video that was viewed in class, which was made in 2001 the author Justin Lewis was even claiming that the media had been very heavy left bias in the years past. It has only continued to increase for the liberal bias throughout the years. This can be seen by not only the coverage, but also by the past publicly expressed of political opinions of most major reporters, anchors, producers, etc. The dictionary defines a liberal as a ...view middle of the document...

As you can see this was easily done by what Lewis calls the “mislabeling of labels.”(Lewis) While when most voters are deciding who they are going to vote for in the upcoming election they tend to do it more by civil liberties. While many people don’t pay attention to or don’t understand the economic policies that are being debated by the candidates. This is because many corporations have their hand in what kind of economic policies that the candidate should have. So, the media will report more on things like gay rights and abortions because it relates more to the people who are watching. When it comes to social issues of that degree they tend to lean more towards the side of a liberal policy. As we defined earlier a liberal is someone who wants government out of their social issues. While much of the economic part of politics is very conservative, it stays this way due to the facts that the corporations want to keep it like this(Lewis). For example, when it comes time to campaign for many politicians they have to raise money. In the video a news clip was shown of a fundraiser with 45 co-chairman who gave money. Some of these included the HMO companies, the NRA, and etc. These are the people with the most conservative views for your money which are not being reported about in the media. In the 2000 election primary the only candidates with enough money to run where Gore and Bradley. These candidates had very conservative and moderate policies on economics. As you can see the media will always report on social issues because they know this is something you can relate to and in that sense the media has a liberal bias on these topics.
Media coverage also has a way of changing public opinion into that of a story of what a poll might be. For example, in the video it shows that 75% of people polled really feel that we should invest more in spending on education. When Peter Jennings of ABC News did a report on this it changed around to how a school was doing better by cutting money. The media...

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