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Linux And Windows Server Critique Essay

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Linux versus Windows
The purpose of this document is to explore the benefits or disadvantages of using UNIX® or Linux® versus Windows Server® for company business operations at Kudler Fine Foods.

Three grocery stores in southern California comprise Kudler Fine Foods. Employing approximately 150 people, Kudler caters to people who enjoy gourmet-class foods, first-rate service, and a friendly atmosphere helps make a pleasant shopping experience. Current company information technology (IT) assets include local 10BaseT Ethernet networks at the three locations, Windows Server at the La Jolla headquarters, and 56kb modem links between the facilities enabling sharing of company ...view middle of the document...

An attack is possible on the Linux server but the ability to spread it across the network with only a lower level account is virtually impossible.
Social engineering is the ability to spread viruses and worms across a network with ease. All it takes is for one employee to open an infected e-mail and within seconds the company’s network could be compromised. Windows systems allow the user to make this detrimental mistake. On the other hand, in order for a malicious attack to happen on the Linux server, “a Linux user would have to read the e-mail, save the attachment, give it executable permissions and then run the executable” (Noyes, 2010, p. 1).
The monoculture effect is that the Microsoft Windows system is a dominating force in the information technology field. Numerous corporations rely on this platform to conduct their daily business. This gives hackers the ability to hone in on these operating systems to find holes to infiltrate the networks. Linux, in contrast, is a different breed. Linux has numerous distributors of its platform which makes hacking more difficult. The audience size plays hand-in-hand with the monoculture effect. Because there are more Windows-based operating systems in use, the likelihood of attacks to Linux-based systems naturally declines.
“How many eyeballs” refers to how many people are looking for holes in the code of the operating system. Microsoft has a team of technologists that scour the code for flaws. Operating system code corrections are made, and a patch is sent to the users to update their systems. This leaves the operating system vulnerable until a patch is installed. Support for Linux is the opposite of this method. All users can view the code and once an error is found, it is corrected immediately. This is a security feature that sets Linux above Windows.

The Administration of the Kudler Finer Foods Information system will not undergo many changes. However, migrating from a Windows-based OS to a Unix-based operating system will pose some challenges to the people working in some of the departments that will require accessing system tools and features. These are the basic features that the administrator will have to take into account after the migration from windows to Unix-based OS.
Managing the Data
The system admin will need to wear several hats when running the Unix OS at Kudler. The daily operations of the store will require that the data be accessible at all times 24/7. There may be business hours operations and after hours administration duties for the website and other duties performed by the corporate staff that help the logistical and administrative operations of the stores. Administrators will need to focus on some areas to make sure that the network will run smoothly. Kudler’s network structures include three locations with a Point of Sale service at each one. All of these locations will be tied into a central server to gather the sales...

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