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Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership


Mastery of information literacy is essential for scholars and researchers to advance research and management activity. The amalgamation of literacy information into learning is important for a leader's skill and reliability within management and leadership. The influence of information literacy on scholarship, practice, and leadership in education has provided a new paradigm on research effectiveness.


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For instance, Google is considered the number one resource to gather information. Nearly all college and advanced research students use the Internet as a resource to collect information for ease of use. Libraries are not as important as in the past, because of the lack of sophistication and technology to gather information. The internet is used by students of higher education, primary, elementary, college students, and also by graduate students. Compared to a library, the Internet offers a wide range of information in just seconds while using a library travel is required and only offers limited information to users and students (Turusheva, 2009).


Scholarships are very much beneficial for the successful completion of education. Having scholarship we can get out education in a better. By reducing the burden of high fees of higher education, it gives us more time to concentrate on our studies, which can lead to much better grades and retention of facts. Higher education is widely acknowledged for educational excellence and students from around the world choose United States' colleges and universities. On the other hand, universities and colleges are criticized for unmanageable administration, ...

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