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Literature Review On Consumer Behaviour On Different Chocolate Packaging

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Packaging is considered as one of the most important tool in positioning, marketing and sales of any product. In the earlier times packaging was considered as a mere protective mechanism but today packaging and package designing both are considered as a very important component of the marketing process. Pilditich (1961) was among the first ones to propose that packs as a ‘silent salesmen’. About three decades later, Lewis (1991) extended Pilditich’s views, stating good packaging as far more than a salesman, but a flag of recognition and a symbol of values. A merchandise’s or a product’s packaging represents the characteristics and communicates the relevant information. Though for consumers ...view middle of the document...

Underwood et al. (2001) explained that pictures on the packages increased incidental learning and were considered more vivid stimuli than verbal expressions. The pictures on the packages makes it more attractive and can also assist in triggering lifestyle desires. Sonsino (1990) also opined that the significance of the size of package as an important element when considering the visibility of a package and the information displayed on it. Also the size of the package can be used to prepare and manage the goods for transport, logistics, warehousing, sales and final use. Wansink (1996) identified the circumstances in which larger package sizes facilitated greater use than smaller package size. He also added that customers stimulated the buying of larger packages of familiar, branded products that smaller packages. It was also explained that the package affected usage volume only if accompanied with decrease in products’ unit cost. Sauvage (1996) highlighted the significance of shape as a prominent factor in creating an image about the product and the brand. He also stated that the material of the package...

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