Living In Poverty Essay

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“Living in Poverty”
Poverty is known all over the world. It can strike you, it can beat you or you can be lucky enough to defeat it. Poverty is fluctuating periods that somehow never are welcome. In the essay “Living in Poverty” written by Richard Wright we hear about his own experiences through poverty which he was born into in 1958.
The main character’s father worked as a coal miner and his mother as a shop worker in a department store. Through the essay we follow this character, first known as the blackest five-year-old-boy in their street, then as a teenager, and in the final part as an adult educated man.
The writer uses a lot of coloured and offensive adjectives through the essay ...view middle of the document...

Man landed on the mon that year..” and again on page 8, line 125-128 regarding the miners’ strikes of 1972 and 1974. The writer uses this particular argument to build up his story based on his own experiences. Additionally he uses another argument that is an argument based on generalization. It assumes what is true and there is an example of that on page 10, line 226-227: “Most people who made their living in the black economy felt the same way.” The essayist wants to broaden the reader’s horizon and by doing so create a greater image.
In “Living in Poverty” you are able to find some literary devices, for example metaphors. On page 10, line 212-213 there is an example of that: “The world of drugs is the world of crime” and especially in the ending page 11, line 320-329: “It seems to me poverty is a state of mind… Long dead, now, those miners to me are music of the mind..” Like the use of coloured and offensive adjectives the metaphors have the same effect. It creates powerful and credible images in the readers’ heads. It is clear to see how the writer mainly uses the most powerful metaphor in the conclusion. He wants to end his story memorable and by using this metaphor he persuade the audience.
In this essay the author shapes his story by using contrasts which creates a deeper meaning and interpretation of the topic, poverty. We know poverty is variable and this shows by the main character’s different roles in the poverty versus wealth. For example he goes from being born into poverty in 1958 and then in 1984 he experiences wealth by being educated and working as a highly paid social worker. Beside the contrasts of his own experiences in life and the structure of this essay, he also uses directly contrasts in some of the sentences, for example on page 7, line 9-10: “The cobbles were cold,...

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