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Look At Items A To C. How Are Social Control And Social Order Maintained In The Face Of Social Inequality From And Conflict And Consensus Perspective

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Look at Items A to C. How are social control and social order maintained in the face of social inequality from,
a) A conflict perspective: The conflict perspective emphasizes the role of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, it sees the role of the bourgeoisie to gain as much profit as they can from the proletariat, even though this is seen as incredibly unfair in the conflict perspective, it shows us that many of the people just accept the situation that they are in because they do not believe that they can ‘fight the system’ on how it is run. The bourgeoisie in Item B is seen to run by authority and dominance which can also be seen in !tem A with the image that is presented as the proletariat holding up every other social class that ...view middle of the document...

Social control exists because the people who own the majority of the wealth and political factors are bound to actively defend their advantages, along with this many people do not go against this because they do not believe that it can be changed and so they never try to change their situations.

b) A consensus perspective: The point made from the consensus theory is interesting, it argues that many people are happy with the way that society is run; this is mainly because it argues that the people who do earn more have put the effort in so that they can earn more than others do. However instead of actually benefiting themselves on their own, they benefit society as a whole because they employ people and give them a reasonable wage for them to live off. The argument is that any and all societies have some form of system of social inequality and that this cannot be shied away from just because it exists. Social control is maintained so effectively in the consensus perspective mainly because it argues that the proletariat are happy with the position that they are in, so they do not need to rebel against it. Another reason for why social control in maintained so well is because the ideal of dominance is still very prevalent in this perspective, the bourgeoisie still hold all the power whereas the proletariat do not have much at all. And so they do not risk ‘getting in the way’ of the people who run such big companies, this is because if any problem was to come up, they would have no way of sorting it without the major company winning the case.

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