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Lost Essay

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Growing up not interested in alcohol

If you do not drink or get drunk, it is as if you are not a part of everyone else because most people do not think you can have a fun Friday night or weekend at a party without alcohol.
When I grew up, it was not as if alcohol was a bad thing in my home, but it was never the big thing to talk about, when it was things you were not allowed, if you were ...view middle of the document...

And after that I could not understand why people drank it if it tasted horrible.

When I got confirmed everyone would always ask me if I would want a beer. I would say no because I did not like it and I got weird looks form it.
When I turned 16 and started grade 9, everyone began to drink. It was late to begin when I hear from others; I have met the last two years.
I went to some parties and people would ask if I should have something to drink and I would decline and they would try to convince me to drink it even if I kept saying no. After most of the parties, I noticed how people behaved and how they describes it Monday after the weekend and could not see, how it can be appalling to get drunk. People say you get loose and forget your boundaries. Yes it can be true.

But true to be told I don’t have any boundaries, so when I am around drunken people I feel normal because they think I am as drunk as they are, even when I have not touched one single drink, I just act like I would normally around friends.

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