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Lost In Paradise Part Iii Essay

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Part I of Decision in Paradise addressed the issues encountered in the research pertaining to increasing KMAAD’s presence on the Island of Kava. We will discuss the issues, discovered and reported, in part I and part II using the financial decision technique.
Expanding our presence on KAVA, will enable KMAAD to increase the exporting of commodities and make a positive impact in the lives of the local populace. Accomplishing this will increase KMAAD’s revenue and ensure a steady supply of commodities needed to meet our customers demand.
Our first recommendation is to hire a local for the position of receptionist. The receptionist will be responsible for the cleaning and organizing the ...view middle of the document...

The 2006 estimate of an unemployment rate of 36 percent has led to residents moving to find work. With the average population under 15, it is imperative that the workforce development program be started immediately. In order to increase our presence on Kava our corporation will need workers. After meeting with the local school board, a survey was conducted and the majority of graduating High School students plan on leaving Kava in order to support themselves and a family. It has been suggested that with the right education on operating a business, financial literacy and an improved local economy the graduating students would choose to stay on Kava. Adding these courses to the curriculum, at no cost to KMAAD, will ensure a workforce will be available. Students that graduate and pass these courses can be offered employment with KMAAD.

Recommendations have been made on how to increase KMAAD's presence on KAVA, and now we will discuss the risk management of implementing these recommendations. All projects contain risks in successfully implementing the decisions to reach the desired results.
KMAAD's decision team consists of personnel that have a responsibility in the implementation plan, and stakeholders with experience in these matters, such as the local school board chairperson, economic development director, tourism manager, local elected officials, and the chamber of commerce director along with KMAAD officials. In past experiences it has been beneficial to involve stakeholders who possess the information and commitment to research, analyze, and make informed recommendations to make preventative actions and carry out contingency plans. This team will be instrumental in implementing the decision and if necessary the actions needed to minimize the risk.
Our decision making team has identified and prioritized the risks, and has taken positive action to reduce the chances of the risks associated with the decisions and possible outcome. Reactive plans have been made to reduce the effects of the risk if the risk should happen.
The team indentified the activity, associated potential risks, the nature of the risk or what could go wrong with this activity? The team looked at the financial, technical, and practical issues involved with each decision activity. The practical risk involves how workers will be receptive to the decision and is the most difficult to predict.
The scope of the decision explains opportunity or problem and answers the question of what's in it for me, and addresses the primary area of concern. Addressing the affects of the natural disasters, the answer to what is in it for me question in cleaning up will increase tourism, provide safer streets and create a more attractive, cleaner island. The increase in tourism will bring in much needed revenue and create jobs. Safer streets will protect the cars, buses, and trucks that will ease the frustrations of costly car repairs. Safer streets will increase tourism foot traffic that...

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