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Love In La Essay

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Love in L.A.
Towards the middle of the story after the accident happened he was asked for a copy of his license. Jake lied and said he did have one when in fact he did not. He then offered to write down his information on a piece of paper. He had to make a decision when she asked for his phone number. He chose to make up a ...view middle of the document...

So it would not have been very smart to give her the right phone number. After Jake made that decision he was able to leave free knowing that he would not have to be responsible for the damage he caused on the girls car. I completely disagree with his actions, if I was the character in that same position I would have given the girl the right information because it is wrong to lie to someone and have them be responsible for someone else’s mistakes. Not just that it seemed to me like he had something for the girl and obviously the girl’s actions showed that she had something for him. If he had not lied to her then maybe he would have been able to actually call her like she asks him to towards the end of the story.

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