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Lush Essay

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“The greatest of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are being treated.” –Mahatma Gandhi. Animal cruelty needs to be prohibited from testing in laboratories because its bad science, there are other humane ways of testing out drugs and substances, and lastly, if companies were to better advertise animal cruelty, consumers would be more informed about how procedures are taken into consideration when it comes to testing on animals. Buyers need to become more mindful of who they are supporting when it comes to animals being poisoned and killed through barbaric testing. By doing so, consumers would benefit in devoting their money into companies that care to test ...view middle of the document...

“We don’t want to use animals, but we don’t have any other options.” There are other ways of testing that will not only save money but are faster and more accurate than animal testing. Some examples of safe testing include human tissue and cell-based research methods along with Vitro technology which are all far more dependable, detailed, less expensive, and gentler than any animal trial. Vitro technology could be used to evaluate the protection of drugs, chemicals, and consumer products. There are tons of organizations that have contributed to this idea and have taken it to a whole other level. They have created human-like skin that could replicate the skin of mice and guinea pigs as their skin are normally tested on by injecting tons of different substances to see if they will have an allergic reaction. Harvard’s Wyss institute created “organs on chips” which contain human cells that parodist the assembly of the human organ system. The chip serves to function as a way to test on human diseases and drug responses.

Moreover, if we look to the company LUSH cosmetics, they only underline how crucial it is for us to see the need to end our contribution in supporting companies who practice animal testing. LUSH cosmetics is very anti-animal cruelty. Their objective is to “take animals out of cosmetic testing.” The way LUSH advertises animal testing is how every company that supports animal cruelty should be advertising their products. In 2013, LUSH promoted a petition to help stop animal cruelty and in a London LUSH shop window display, a 24 year old performance artist volunteered to be tortured for twenty hours. They clamped her mouth wide open and dragged her to the front display window by a rope, sprayed substances in her eyes, shaved her head, and force fed her. The LUSH ethics director, Hilary Jones, talked about the cosmetics directive law which is a positive piece...

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