Lust Is Easy, Love Is Hard, Like Is Most Important

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And the whisper in the air says…..
How real is the reality of the mere existence of love and its essence? The perspectives it follows differing from an age to another is funny when understood in the literal sense. Is the essence of love a mere butterfly in a teenage girl’s tummy or the heavy heartedness of the bride when he promises to keep her happy for the clichéd rest of their lives? A million different definitions still fails to facilitate a clear understanding of how it is to be in love?
What are the promises made when in an illusion of being together, how are they made, why are they made? Why make a promise when you don’t know what it means or know how to keep one. It’s not a result ...view middle of the document...

Never were we taught to learn from our own mistakes or realize our own potential but it was only and always a comparison with another. Was there even one point during those days you remember understanding your own potential and managing to create realistic goals? No we don’t. Our neighbor mattered, how well we fared against him/her was what mattered.
We grew up again, Mind heart body soul. We started searching for reasons to be happy. If you smile now, there should always be a reason for that smile and preferably that reason must be of the opposite sex. Who ever came up with this theory? Why has it been of age old practice and nobody dared to defy it? A reason for everything. A reason if your happy, a reason if your sad .A big prominent reason for every damn thing. Wasn’t life simpler when happiness was just when you looked at your mothers face first thing in the morning or when your father took you for a stroll in the park? Happiness was everywhere back then, a flower, a toy or just another melody in your head.
Relationships between the age of 18 to 23 are the most vulnerable and the most complicated loosely based on the fact that people that age want to live like the couples they see on TV, the movies and the young happily married couples they see around them. The attitude” if they can then why can’t we?” Is what is driving the younger generation into horrifying situations in which they cannot even step out nor survive within. Emotions of momentary happiness, expectations, extraordinary feelings of affection, bundle of care, being there for each other and the always together movie like feelings form the crux and root of young girls and boys leading their lives into a long road of danger dealing with their mental stability and emotional vulnerability. The smallest of feelings may mean the world to one girl when in reality the promise was merely made to make sure he gets to see her the next day and eventually get into her pants. To make it sound a little more polite then let’s just say he wants to maybe make love to you? No kidding, sex is everywhere. Parents , there is no point in you closing your eyes or shutting your ears and pretending that the world is moving forward but my kid is still ancient. Wake up.
Whatever happened to the human and genuine touch to concepts such as keeping love? And please if you are planning on blaming the generation, trust me there is no such thing as generation. Its fast moving reality and it is largely impossible to find just a single most evident factor to blame for all the discomforts in society at present. It’s a wilder, more wretched out world out there. There is no more a living but just a mere surviving. I haven’t written this piece with an intention to solve prominent problems in my life nor others. It’s...

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