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M & M Assignment

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Exercise 2-3
To: Jim Kakes
From: Zhenqun Huang
Subject: Suggestion about CMA
Date: Sep. 10 2012
This memo is in response to your questions hiring a CMA. This memo will first explain Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and then discuss the value of CMA to the company. After you know the designation of CMA, you will be better able to decide whether the extra amount salary is worth.

What Is Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?
The title Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is used by various professional bodies around the world to designate their different professional certifications. CMA is also called as The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in the United State. IMA is a ...view middle of the document...

2. Some problems have shown that may be necessary to issue a qualified opinion.
3. We shouldn’t refer to prior years’ financial statements in the report.
4. I need to improve writing skills
5. Finally, I want to say that this seminar is an excellent opportunity.

Exercise 4-2
1. That is
2. Enclosed is
3. Ease
4. Begin
5. Before
6. To
7. Most of
8. Buy
9. Analyzes
10. For
11. Of
12. Best
13. Control cost
14. I
15. Thank you for

Exercise 4-3
1. SOX
2. CPA
5. NPV
6. Qualified opinion
7. CPA, Schedule C
8. recapture
10. Credit

Exercise 4-4
1. The dropped price of stock is a negligible amount.
2. We need a larger cite for the warehouse to satisfy the growth of business.
3. This product is unique, which only two manufacturers produce.
4. The HB Transportation Company improved position due to decreasing fuel prices and increasing company’s price.
5. The riskiness of these bonds alone doesn’t affect the selling price.

Exercise 4-6
1. I have explained the three proposed alternatives for recording the cost of purchasing the equipment.
2. The option kept the land available until making a decision.
3. External reports require these disclosures.
4. The manager can easily implement this procedure.
5. The manager recommend to physically control finished parts inventories.

Exercise 4-7
1. Accountants must record the choice of sites and the expiration of options in the books of our firm correctly.
2. An audit program is designed to audit of the accounts receivable of ABC Company.
3. An accrual of expenses reports the current operations of the company.
4. Improvements of the production efficiency will change the income forecast in the next year.
5. The staff’s main problem is how to record the cost of the purchase.

Exercise 4-9
1. The managers should refer requirements of the SOX.
2. The 2011 financial statements issued a qualified opinion.
3. New employees will take a two-week vacation.
4. The completion of the project before next week will challenge the department’s accountants.
5. Wordiness makes my writing ineffective.

Exercise 5-1
1. Under variable costing a company’s sales will influence income. For instance, under absorption costing both sales and production will affect income.
2. Under variable costing a company’s sales will influence income; under absorption costing both sales and production will affect income.
3. Under variable costing a company’s sales will influence income, for example, under absorption costing both sales and production will affect income.

Exercise 5-2
1. Glenn Manufacturing may argue that these costs do not provide future benefits and thus Glenn may choose to expense them.
2. We reduced expenses to improve our profits.
3. Therefore, the Board requested...

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