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Mail System Project Essay

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Mail System Project

Author’s Note
This annotated bibliography is being submitted on August 5th, 2013, for N234/CET2810C Section 01 Microsoft Exchange Server course.

Mail System Project
When designing my Microsoft Exchange mailing system I will need to gather information about my environment. I will need to see if the installation is going to be a migration or am I walking in to a fresh setup. With a fresh installation I will have a lot of things to consider such as the customer requirements, mailbox profile requirements, geographic location, and server and data protection. I will also have to make assumptions based on all configurations. With the migration of an Exchange ...view middle of the document...

One being relay restrictions which keep spammers from having a field day with my server. If relay restrictions are not implemented it means that anyone not just spammers can relay mail through my server. Another important security measure is a good virus protection. When it comes to virus protection for Exchange you have to purchase virus protection that is made especially for Exchange Server. The reason is because email viruses do not exist on Exchange Server in the form of a stand-alone file, instead they are stored in the Exchange mailbox with messages there for you need a virus protection that is designed to read the Exchange database. Another option for security is called RPC over HTTP it’s kind of like VPN but not, a RPC over HTTP connection is limits the scope of what resources can be accessed remotely. One more security measure is simple I’ll just run security and system updates regularly.
When setting up and managing my mailing list I will more than likely go with the default address list this is called the global address list (GAL). Because it will automatically populate with new users, contacts, groups, or rooms as they are added to my OU (organizational unit).
Setting up a solid back up strategy for Exchange Server is crucial regardless of system architecture and setup there is no running from the question, if something happens what is it exactly that I want to back up? I would have to have a plan set in place to make sure that if something where to happen that I would be backing up what is needed not wanted. On my list it would include Exchange database files (mailboxes, public folders), Exchange transaction logs, Message tracking logs, and protocol logs. Beyond using third party backup solutions to replicate everything I can also go virtual and back up everything in a snapshot this will protect even if I had total server failure.

Annotated Bibliography

Simpson, R. (2011, January 21). Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions: 500 Mailboxes in a Single Site Running Hyper-V on Dell Servers. Retrieved August 5, 2013, from
In this analysis Robert Simpson presents facts on how he set up Microsoft Exchange 2010 on five hundred mailboxes in a single site running Hyper-V on Dell Servers. He begins by telling the importance of the customers’ requirements, stating the first steps in Exchange solution design is to accurately summarize the business and technical requirements that are critical to making the correct design decisions. He also presents the importance of geographic location requirements, by stating that understanding the distribution of mailbox users and datacenters is important when making design decisions about high availability and site resiliency.
TechNet (2013,...

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