Major Depression And Cbt Essay

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Major Depressive Disorder and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Argosy University
Abnormal Psychology
Brandy Rhodes

Major depression disorder is a wide and complex disorder than many Americans suffer from. This paper will review the research and material of major depression disorder and the effective treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy. Although there are several types of therapy available to treat depression and other mood disorders, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has been one of the most widely used and thought to be very effective in treating the disorder. First the paper will review what the disorder is and the criteria needed to diagnosis one with ...view middle of the document...

This does not mean that they are lying in bed all day sleeping, as it is sometimes portrayed on movies and television shows. Individuals may get up and get dressed for the day, go to work, take care of personal things, etc. The difference is they once enjoyed doing these things it has now become a chore and uses more effort and energy to complete the activities. Clients suffering from major depression disorder will typically appear sad or upset over small things that did not bother them before. They may exhibit changes in their daily routine and frequently isolate themselves from others. Mor and Haran (2009) advise that MDD causes considerable personal distress and decreased functioning and is the leading cause of suicide.
There are several factors that can attribute to individuals who suffer from MDD. Smoking cessation, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, experiencing high stress, financial reasons, old age, health concerns, postpartum depression, etc. are some of the most common reasons clients come into a mental health center and seek treatment for depression. Usually depression affects most life domains and can vary between mild and deliberating forms of depression. MDD can affect anyone at any time in their life, the young, the elderly, white, black, small, big, etc. however it is more prevalent when one reaches late teen to early adulthood. There is research that suggests that mood disorders such as MDD are more prevalent in women than in men. This however could be combated with the notion that women are more likely than men to seek treatment for mood disorders. There is evidence that supports low levels of serotonin can be cause to mood disorders. Serontin regulates our emotional reaction to certain life events. If the level of Serontin is low other neurotransmitters may gain a wider range per say and cause the mood to change. Individuals who are always happy, upbeat, outgoing, and friendly more than likely have a high level of Serontin in their blood stream. Stress is another major influence in MDD and mood disorders, if someone is living paycheck to paycheck and loses their job this would no doubt bring on a very stressful event, maybe making them chose between paying the electric bill and buying food for their family. Either way once a person feels there is no way out of a certain situation or starts to feel hopeless they would be suffering from MDD. One theory that has come about in relation to stress and depression is Martin Steligman’s learned helplessness theory of depression which is a theory that states people become anxious and depressed when they make an attribution that they have no control over the stress in their lives (Barlow and Durland, 2009).
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is one of the most prevalent treatments used with clients suffering from MDD, although this is sometimes combined with medication for better treatment results. CBT is derived from Aaron Beck’s cognitive approach to treating depressed...

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