Make A Rough Diagram Of Your Office At Your Place Of Work. Label Items In Your Office And Show How They Are Positioned. How Versatile Is Your Office For Handling Every Day Negotiations With Colleagues, Staff And

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Make a rough diagram of your office at your place of work. Label items in your office and show how they are positioned. How versatile is your office for handling every day negotiations with colleagues, staff and outsiders? Does your profession allow you to be accessible and friendly or inaccessible and remote? Does your office layout reflect this? If so, say it out. Can the proxemics power of your office be adjusted? How?








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It is the journey of how to get to the destination and not the destination itself. People should pay more attention on how to get there but also at the same time should not lose sight of the destinations. Negotiation is therefore all about the process of arriving at a certain destination. Negotiation enables one to have power of the other through tact and skill and Goldstein (2005) agrees to this notion by defining power as “the ability to have one actor to do what it would not otherwise have done (or to do what it would have done).”

In negotiation there are different forms which are trained negotiatiation. A traine negotiator acts on behalf of an organisation or a position in an organisation. An informal negotiation between friends. In the above office thre is need to employ relevant negotiation skills when conducting business. Negotiation strategies have two types which are the distributive or positional or negotiation. This kind of negotiation involves each side adopting an extreme position, knowing that it will not be accepted, and then employs a combination of guile and bluffing in order to cede as little as possible before reaching a deal. Distributive or win-lose bargainers see negotiation as a process of distribuing a fixed amount of value and make the assumptions that one person's gain results in the other person's loss. This usually involves people who have never had a previous interactive relationship, nor are they likely to do so again in the near future.
Within the records department negotiation takes place constantly and any negotiations that entails once off constant referral to documents previously filed documents when compiling reports by other officers is not possible so, win-lose negotiation is out. In our office setup nobody or group of individuals who stand to benefit over the other. All members are equal players and hence the ultimate objective either gives credit or discredit everyone with regards to the ultimate cause of the organisation.
Principled negotiation is a set of techniques that attempts to improve the quality and likelihood of negotiated agreement by providing an alternative to traditional distributive negotiation techniques. While distributive negotiation assumes there is a fixed amount of value to be divided between the parties, integrative negotiation often attempts to create value in the course of the negotiation. It focuses on the underlying interests of the parties rather than their arbitrary starting positions, approaches negotiation as a shared problem rather than a personalized battle, and insists upon adherence to objective, principled criteria as the basis for agreement. The word integrative implies some cooperation. Integrative negotiation often involves a higher degree of trust and the forming of a relationship. It can also involve creative problem-solving that aims to achieve mutual gains. It is also sometimes called win-win negotiation.
The integrative negotiation strategy comes in handy...

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