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Making The Choice Essay

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Focused Inquiry
October 30,2013
Making the choice
A lot of freshman students end up wondering why they gain weight after their first year at VCU. Virginia Commonwealth University offers a variety of places where students can eat by using their swipes. Swipes are a part of your meal plan, you use them instead of using money to purchase food at specific food places. There are healthy places and non-healthy places here at VCU you can choose to eat at. One of the few healthy places here at VCU is Jonah’s Culinary Emporium. The food at Jonas is made right in front of you so you know the ingredients that goes into your food. You get to make the decision on what goes inside your food ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes taking the campus connector can be a hassle because students have to stand at the bus stop to wait for the bus and on top of that the bus makes a lot of stops on its way to the MCV campus consequently the regular 15 minute drive occasionally takes longer. The choice to take that extra step is one that the students have to make.
Most freshman students before they get to college rebuke the freshman 15. The freshman 15 is a myth that says that by the end of your freshman year of college you would have gained 15 pounds. This so called myth seems to be true because most student’s not just freshmen don’t make healthy choices when it comes to the food they eat at college. Mark Bittman quotes Marian Nestle saying “Anything that you do that is not fast food is terrific, cooking at all” (Bittman). Home cooked meals are recommended as healthier rather than fast foods. Its problematic for freshmans to eat a home cooked meal in college because most of the dorms they live in don’t have kitchens. One alternative to the many fast food places here at VCU is a place called Jonah’s. Jonah’s is one of the places at VCU that offers some type of a home cooked meal. If students choose to go to Jonas rather than the fast food places, it could bring an end to the weight gain people obtain in college. Jonas seems to be the best substitute for students but the reason why the students often don’t eat at Jonas is because it’s far away from them. “Supermarket real estate is so precious, in fact that customer scientists have conducted experiments in which they place devices on the heads of shoppers to track their eye movements as they roam the
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store”(Moss, 28). Fast food places are purposely placed In areas that would attract attention to them just like how Michael Moss describes how supermarkets purposely put items in certain areas so it’s easier for consumers to see them and then just grab the items and go. “Not only did it gel, Clausi said it would happen within 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes” (Moss, 49). People often don’t like to wait on their food, they want their food in a short period of time. “The special displays at the ends of the aisle called ‘caps’, are the best of all” (Moss, 28). Caps are located at the ends of the aisles which is convenient for customers who want to grab something quick and go, instead of rather walking down the aisle just to grab what they wanted. In order for people to eat at Jonah’s, they would have to take that extra step to get...

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