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Man Technology Essay

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MAN Truck & Bus develops, produces and sells a wide range of efficient diesel and gas engines for extremely varied applications in many industries.
Beside being installed in the trucks and buses produced by the MAN Group, MAN engines are used in the following areas, among others: in commercial vehicles from other manufacturers, for power generation in cogeneration plants and as drive units in agricultural machinery, rail vehicles, ships and boats and special-purpose vehicles.
The ratings of the MAN engines range from 37 kW (50 hp) to 1,324 kW (1,800 hp). There are 4- and 6-cylinder in-line units and 8- and 12-cylinder V engines.
MAN engines stand for maximum efficiency. By using ...view middle of the document...

9 percent. On the European bus market the market share for fiscal year 2006 was 15.4 percent.
Versatile truck programme
MAN’s truck programme ranges from TGL (7.5 – 12 t) to the medium range in the Trucknology® Generation TGM (14 – 18 t) through to the TGA range, which covers permissible gross weights ranging from 18 to 50 tonnes.
The TGL was awarded the “Truck of the Year 2006“ title. The current heavy TGA range had already won this title in 2001. TGL is the sixth MAN range to win this award – a success which no other manufacturer has so far been able to achieve. In 2007 the TGA will be continued with the new TGS and TGX ranges.
The NEOMAN Bus Group is the Bus Division of the MAN Truck & Bus Group and develops, produces and markets buses of the MAN and NEOPLAN brands. They are mainly produced in the two Polish locations Starachowice and Poznan and in Ankara in Turkey and in the German plants in Plauen and Pilsting. The bus sector is also a leader in its sector. The NEOPLAN Starliner won various designer prizes and the "Coach of the Year 2006" title. This title was won by a NEOMAN vehicle for the third time in succession.
MAN Engines Business Unit
Beside the drives for MAN trucks and MAN and NEOPLAN buses, MAN Truck & Bus develops and produces further engines for various purposes from industrial engines for the generation of electricity through to the drive units for rail, water and special vehicles.
The range of outputs extends from 100 hp to 1,550 hp. At the same time the company supplies systems to other vehicle manufacturers and offers drive units for various road vehicles. In 2006 the company produced about 101,600 units. In 2006 MAN was awarded the BDI environmental prize in the category for environmentally compatible products by the Federal Association of German Industry for the MAN PM-KAT®, which is used with EGR in Euro 4 engines.
Comprehensive range of services
With MAN Service, MAN Support and MAN Finance MAN Truck & Bus offers customers comprehensive international services in one-stop shopping. Whether for service and repair contracts, fleet management or financing solutions, MAN combines top technologies with tailored services.

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