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Manage People Performance Essay

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Element of competency:
1. Allocate work
2. Assess performance
3. Provide feedback
4. Manage follow-up
How can you plan a work schedule?
Being effective in your workplace means getting a job done with the least
amount of time and fuss. To do this you will need to:
 Identify what work needs to be done
 Identify what resources (people and equipment) you need to complete
the work.
How do you know what work needs to be done?
It is a good idea to keep track of the work you need to do by making a list of
all the tasks and duties you and your work team must complete.
Make sure your list includes not only obvious jobs such as orders that need to
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This means organising your time carefully, and
deciding how to fit the work you need to do into the time you have available.
You can manage your time at work better by:
 Prioritising your work tasks
 Setting goals
 Cutting down on time wasters.
Prioritising your time
Prioritising your time means organising your work tasks into order of urgency
or importance. By doing this you can be sure that your most important jobs
are finished on time and not left to the last minute. When prioritising your work
you should consider the following factors:
 When does the job need to be done by?
 How big is the job – will it need to be completed over a number of
 How does the job affect other jobs – will getting one job out of the way
to free up people, space or time for other work that needs to be done?
Goal setting
Setting goals for yourself and your work team is also a good time
management strategy. Goal setting increases your motivation and helps you
to stay focused on the work you need to do. You should make sure that your
goals are achievable and revise them from time to time. Write down your
daily, weekly, or monthly work goals and place them where you can easily see
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Cutting down on 'time wasters'
Being organised also means cutting out all the things which gobble up your
time and make you inefficient. Some common time wasters include:
 Unscheduled visitors
 Daydreaming
 Telephone calls
 Socialising
 Unmanaged conflict
 Mistakes or ineffective performance
 Indecision or procrastination
 Duplication – two people doing the one job, or doing the same job twice
 A tendency to „do it yourself ‟ rather than delegate work tasks
 Unrealistic time estimates and attempting to do too much
 No co-ordination or teamwork
 No objectives or planning
 Failure to set deadlines
 Poor communication – failure to get the right information or listen to
instructions correctly
 Failure to cope with change
 'Firefighting‟ or crisis management.
Some useful tips for cutting down on your time wasters are:
1. Don't be a slave to your telephone. Organise your calls, and train
others to call you at certain times.
2. Shorten the amount of time taken up by unannounced visitors. Offer to
get back to a person later so that you can give them your undivided
3. Learn the art of delegation. Ask yourself, “What am I currently doing
that someone else could do?”
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Why should you revise your work schedule?
Although it is important to organise your work, time, and resources well in
advance, it is likely that you will have to change your plans from time to time
to allow for unplanned events or interruptions.
For this reason it is important to be flexible about your schedule and prepared
to revise it every now and again.
Working as a team
Now we need to look at...

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