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Management And Leadership Essay

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Management and Leadership
Behavioural Skills for Business

Roles of the Manager 2
Managers and Leaders 2
Approach to Leadership 3
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Roles of the Manager
As Jane has been recently appointed the position of ‘product manager’, she must now follow certain roles of a manager. Henry Mintzberg (theorist) identifies that there are not only responsibilities expected from managers, but these can also be put into 10 roles for managers to follow.
These roles are:
* Monitor – Look at work-related information
* Disseminator – Communicates information within the business
* Spokesperson – Communicates ...view middle of the document...

This theory can be expanded on by looking at Stewart (1994) principles on management. One area that could be worked on in regards to Jane’s managing technique could be ‘learning how to improve the ability to judge others’. This is identified as Jane notices that a certain number of staff members have been off sick since she started and she does not find this acceptable. She does not seem to be assertive in her methods of resolving this problem, and instead does not address the matter. This will obviously have an impact on the quality of work and products produced as tasks are not being delegated evenly throughout her workforce.

Managers and Leaders
Manager – Someone who control activities for people or organisations
Leader – Someone who leads people or an organisation
Managers and leaders are often seen by people as the exact same role, but they are entirely different. You can be a manager that leads, but you do not have to be a manager to be a leader. In this case, it would be correct to assume that management could come under a function or responsibility of leadership. Managing will involve activities such as organising tasks, recruiting staff, employee development, training, delegating, etc… Whereas, a leader’s responsibilities will normally have a more hands on approach such as creating new visions and aims, setting organisational targets, identifying new job roles, inspiring and empowering subordinates.
Based on this analysis, it is rather clear that the role of management mainly deals with the goings on of an organisation, whereas leaders are mostly interested in people-development and motivating others, but, like managers, still have a degree of delegating under the role as well.
Jane, as a manager, has to carry out manager’s responsibilities regularly. I would say a good quality that she displays as a leader is the fact that she tries to make allowances for staff in terms of caring about their input and is lenient when it comes to giving people the time off that they need. At the same time, she must put policies in place in order to gain more control over her...

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