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Bradyn Stowe
Management 321
Case 3

Case 3: Everest

Question 1: Why do people climb Mt. Everest?
- People climb Mt. Everest for a myriad of reasons. Rooted in those reasons, though, you could probably find self-determination theory. They’re looking for autonomy, mastery, and relatedness. It struck me as kind of funny how in the case study so many of the climbers commented on not trusting or not believing in their team. Their team meant so much to them, climbing Mt. Everest with someone would be the highest form of bonding I could think of. As far as autonomy and mastery (competence), those are self-explanatory. Even though you’re with a group on the mountain, for a lot of it you are alone, there ...view middle of the document...

And in that regard, he never made a mistake, it was all worth it for him. Anyone could say that the mistakes they made in judgment and choices were just over-confidence and they pushed it too far, but I just simply don’t agree. I’ve read the whole book written about this and I wholeheartedly believe everyone ended up where he or she wanted to be, or where he or she had to be.
Question 3: Did the mountaineering teams function effectively?
- This article leaves a-lot out, for the most part yeah they functioned pretty effectively, if they didn’t they wouldn’t of gotten as far as they did. They could have trusted each other more though, maybe communicated better, and Fischer could have had better radios.
Question 4: What was the root cause of this disaster?
- Just like the book said, and just like the article said, it is foolish to try and pinpoint a root cause. There was none, it was a series of events, a multitude of reasons why things didn’t go perfectly. I think a very big thing, though, was the lack of secured ropes toward the summit.
Question 5: What are the lessons from this case for managers in business enterprises?
- Respect is important. For people to follow you, you have to have done it first. For instance in my business I can walk over to someone working and know exactly what they’re doing right and wrong, and how to make them better / faster and then show them myself. There is a lot to be said about that. Also to legitimately care about your team, your employees, and your clients. They will resoundingly perform better that way. Encouragement goes a long way. Having set rules, that people respect, is crucial for a functional team. There are millions. I love this story.

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