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Management Outline

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Student workload
To complete…
TOPIC 3: Attitudes, Perception, Personality
…students will need to:

| 1. Attend the lecture in week beginning 17 March |
| 2. Re Read Textbook Chapter 9 |
| 3. Kulik, C. T., Oldham, G. R. & Hackman, R. J. 1987, ‘Work design as an approach to person-environment fit’, Journal of Vocational Behavior, vol. 31, no. 3, pp 278-296. |
| 4. Complete the preparation material for this topic and bring it to the tutorial in week beginning 24 March in case you have an in class question: i. Textbook question: answer Question 3 in the ‘Thinking critically about management issues section’ on page 350What behavioural predictions might you make if you knew that an employee had (a) an external locus of control? (b) a low Mach score? (c) low self-esteem? (d) high self-monitoring tendencies? (max. 200 words). ii. From the Kulik et al (1987) reading, explain in detail the mechanism by which job characteristics ...view middle of the document...

Employees would be more alienated from the work social environment. Employees are also expected to blame poor performance evaluation on their boss’ prejudice, their co-workers or other events outside their control.
Low Mach score: Employees with emotional distance, high pragmatism. Employers would expect a more objective and straight forward attitude from these employees.
Low self-esteem: Self-esteem is linked to job satisfaction, thus, employees with low levels will exert a more demotivated attitude. Work efficiency and effectiveness will drop consequently.
High self-monitoring tendencies: Employers would expect these employees to have different behaviours in difference circumstances. Employees with a high level of self-monitoring are more adaptive to external, situational factors.

ii. The job characteristics theory deciphers the influences and links between the characteristics of a job, and the worker. In summary, the theory states that the links between the job dimensions and the psychological states, and between the psychological states and the outcomes, are moderated by three individual difference variables. Accordingly, if all three of the psychological states (experiencing meaningfulness of work, experiencing responsibility for outcomes of work, knowledge of actual results of work activities) are not met by an individual, desirable outcomes are not expected to be observed. Essentially, positive outcomes are achieved with a combination of an employee with high growth need strength and motivation, with a fitting job with high motivating potential.
An employee who has higher skill and knowledge levels would experience greater satisfaction within their job. This results from positive feedback from completing their tasks.

iii. Last year, I was part of a two-man assignment of Information Systems, which proved to be an extremely extensive and dull course. The content was very repetitive and hefty and thus, I had low levels of motivation in regards to learning the relevant materials. Additionally, I lacked the skills and knowledge required in composing a comprehensive and concise report. Therefore, the characteristics of the job (assignment) did not align with those of mine, and ultimately, I was not able to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

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