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Management Theory Essay

1550 words - 7 pages

Company Project Scoring Guidelines | |

Fill in each block below.
Student’s Name: Kumar Sunny Mehrotra | Date Paper E-mailed 02/24/20161st Revision Date: ______________________2nd Revision Date: ______________________ |

Explain the purposes/uses of the Discrepancy-Based model (3 points)
* To understand the current situation or problem. * To determine a desired goal and analyse the GAP between the current and desired position. * To find the Root Cause of the Gap thus, providing solutions to eliminate/solve the problem and reach the desired goal. |

Explain the purposes/uses of the Systems model (3 points)
* Understands the parts of the system and how they are ...view middle of the document...

* Then, set a goal to ascertain where do you want to be using SMART goal.(to define the desired situation/position for the business) * After analyzing the causes and the desired goal , determine the best possible solution from the list of solutions for the cause so as reach the desired goal in desired period of time. * Make a list of the challenges/barriers that may arise during the implementation of the solution so as to be able to provide for them (like risk management) * Finally, prepare an IMPLEMENTATION PLAN which consists of the schedule, people involved and their jobs, actions to be taken so as to reach the Goal in the desired time frame. * And then have a monitoring and feedback system prepared and in place to measure the changes/improvement or any problems that may be occurring during implementation to be able to ascertain any changes or steps to be taken in case of any problem arising and being able to measure the improvements making it easy to analyze the next course of action and also keep a check on the schedule. |
0 | 1. Background information about company | Brief description of organization :MK is a local grocery store located in Gadbjerg, Denmark in a small village with 700 residents, run by 2 owners and 1 employee and having the same business model for the past 33 years. It serves local people with a broad but not deep assortment of common food products fro everyday household. It is a normal Supermarket, consisting of a Post Office and a Cheese department with local cheeses and morning bread from the local bakery. |
22 | 2. Problem, challenge, opportunity definitionProblem Importance/Impact | Purpose for problem statement :To define the problem so as to understand the GAP arising in the MK grocery store annual revenue decrease over the last 5 years .(15%)Reasons for problem impact: Why do we need to address this?As due to the decrease in revenue (15%), there has been a Net Income decrease(40% approx.) as the fixed costs (wages, inventory maintenance, rent) still need to be paid . Thus, if the revenue keeps on dropping it would be difficult to pay the bills and the grocery store may not sustain anymore. |
2 | 3. List “theories of causes” and select most likely cause, verify cause through data collection and analysisTools: Cause & effect analysis, 5 Whys, Pareto Chart or other | Purposes for Theories of Causes - not just about the tools - they are exampled.  Why do we work toward identifying and verifying the theories.Tools: Cause & effect analysis, 5 Whys, Pareto Chart or other We need to work towards identifying and verifying the theories of causes: * As every problem is different, thus, the approach required to identify the cause must also be according to the problem. * The cause helps us determine the course of action to be taken to solve the problem, thus, it is important to understand all aspects of the problem, which can be identified using the theories of causes. * Different theories help...

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