Manager's Job Essay

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4.5 Assessment details
4.5.1 Assessment task 1: The manager’s job in context (Individual Report), Worth 20%
Due in Week-5; Length: 1800 words

The purpose of the task
This task is designed to develop your awareness of:
* the complexity of the managerial role;
* the reliance of a manager on other people both inside and outside the organisation;
* the necessary interaction of both informal/interpersonal factors and formal/ organisational factors in fulfilling organisational ...view middle of the document...

The manager’s job in context: task description
* Undertake an analysis of your own job and its context. If you do not have managerial (or similar) experience, or if for some other reason it is not appropriate to analyse your own job, you may choose instead the job of another individual who agrees to be the focus of this assignment (current job). Alternatively, you may discuss with your lecturer/ tutor the possibility of analysing a position you held in the past. Your lecturer must approve your choice. You may change (or withhold) the names of people or organisations if you believe anonymity is required.

Complete the following requirements:
1. Briefly, describe the actual requirements of the job. Include formal requirements (actual position/job description), and less formal requirements (if any).
2. Identify (list) other individuals or groups from inside and/or outside the organisation with whom you interact who are important to your job.

3. Describe the principle characteristics of these individuals or groups, particularly those characteristics that impact on their interaction with you.

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