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Managerial Communication Essay

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Communication plays an important role in any organizational change effort, the role of communication differs from change to change. Different changes are likely to produce different reactions and, therefore, the appropriateness of change communication activities depends on the change at hand (Carnall, 2003; Daly et al., 2003; Dunphy and Stace, 1993; Lewis and Seibold, 1998; Smeltzer, 1991). Communication in the workplace is seen as one of the most vital element to a successful business. Effective communication has been proven to be one of the keys to success. In managerial communications strategies and applications by Geraldine Haynes, she discusses the strategic approach to communication by describing communication as having many layers like an onion. The first layer is the climate or environment, second is the sender receiver and ...view middle of the document...

A trusting and open climate allows for positive communications. Managerial communication does focus on the relationship between the managers and employees and the availability of managers. The communication process must be multi-dimensional without any resistance. David Berlo’s SMCR model, which is based on the earlier work of the Shannon-Weaver model framework, 1960. Berlo based his theory upon what he states is the most important part of successful communication depends upon the relationship between the communicator known as the encoder or source and the listener known as the receiver or decoder. His model put large emphasis on two-way communication. He theorized that there had to be a common factor between the two for communications to be successful.

Communication is the most required element for a successful organization, while it could be the most difficult matter to process. There are four components to sync for an effective communication: 1) the communicator must present detailed and clear message to the respective party, 2) All parties involved must be willing to listen, give feedback and have a mutual respect, 3) The means of communication must be agreed upon by all parties involve, and 4) The message itself must be to the point and echo with the parties involved. Communication should be frequent, clear, multi-dimensional and in multiple mediums. Change communication should be transparent and accessible to all.
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