Managing Activities To Achieve Results Essay

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Cover Sheet
Cover Sheet
Maldives Business School

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business (Management/HR/Marketing)
Associate’s Degree in Business Management/HR Management/Marketing

The student must fill the relevant parts of the following table.
Student First Name | Student Last Name | Student ID | Date submitted |
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Statement of authenticityI, the above named student, hereby confirm that this assignment is my own work and not copied or plagiarized. It has not previously been submitted as part of any assessment for this qualification. All the sources, from which information has been obtained for this ...view middle of the document...

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This is the cover sheet for your assignment. Your assignment will be rejected if it does not have this cover sheet.

Assignment Rejection
Your work will be rejected if: 1. Your assignment does not have the required cover sheet. (See previous page.) 2. Others’ ideas and words have not been properly cited and referenced. 3. The expected sources have not been properly cited in the body of your report. (The expected sources are books and articles that you MUST read for this assignment. The citations are required as evidence of your reading. See Assignment–specific Instructions to Candidates.) 4. You have plagiarized others’ work. 5. Your report does not have an adequate format. (See below.) |

Sample Assignment Report Format
Please follow this format if you have not been specifically instructed to follow a different format.
1. Cover sheet

2. Title page
The title page should contain the following.
(a) Title of your paper/assignment
(b) Your name
(c) Course title
(d) Institution name (Malé Business School)
(e) Word count

The following is a sample title page.

Title of your paper/assignmentYour nameYour course (e.g. BTEC HND/Associate Degree (Management/HRM/Marketing))Malé Business SchoolDate 4,000 words |

3. Abstract/Executive Summary
This is a short section of about 100-130 words. The abstract/executive summary should consist of:
(a) An introduction to the topic
(b) A brief description of the research/activities you have done
(c) A summary of your results/learning
(d) A brief indication of the implications of the results/learning

Write this last. Here are two sample abstracts/executive summaries.
AbstractIt is not uncommon to see The University of Montana students working while attending school. By conducting informal interviews it is clear that students work for a variety of reasons. The authors of this study have diverse thoughts about the impact work has on student’s academic performance. No study, which tries to explain factors affecting working university students, has ever been conducted at the Missoula campus. The purpose of this study was to discover and compile information regarding The University of Montana students who work. This study was carried out for the Financial Aid Department at The University of Montana, to help Financial Aid better serve student needs. This report includes background to the study, the objectives to be met, sampling methods, the survey questionnaire (see Appendix A), and the results of the research. |

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