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Managing Change And Innovation Essay

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Cassi Stephenson
BUSM Management
Chapter 7 Review 1
The difference between how change is handled in an organization can be described in two metaphors. Calm water looks at change in business as if you were on ship crossing a calm sea and only the occasional storm would disrupt your journey. In the calm waters metaphor change is seen as the occasional disruption in the normal flow of events. White water rapid metaphor describes change as a group of people trudging through white water rapids that has never worked together before; to add to the challenge they are doing this at night time. White water rapid describes change that takes place in uncertain and dynamic environments. The ...view middle of the document...

The number of employees a manager supervises could change; they could go from overseeing twenty employees to fifty or a hundred depending on departmental changes. At any time in any organization the rules can change and new ones will be implemented. This will be easier for new employees to handle than employees that have been with the company for 20 plus years. The rules will change to increase standardization each company seeking to have the same quality product consistently.
Technology changes will convert imputes into outputs, new equipment will be brought in, new tools, methods of automation, computerization. Technology is constantly changing and will affect every manager and their employees. Software updates for computers at the office happen monthly , every four to five your computer systems are updated , email changes, how to store save and send files changes. Technology changes faster than most companies can keep up, managers will need to not only need to constantly keep up to date on the new technology, but also know how to train their employees on the new systems. Even my local grocery store who still counts back change and has you original cash registers is being forced to go more digital just do to the fact that their system are not up to date with government food stamp cards and their scanners have to be able to register which foods are going towards WIC customers. Some Automation seems to be a big issue for the people not the companies robots are replacing jobs that people used to do. A team that used to operate with ten people will now operate with ten. They will have people there to fix the machines if they break down and supervise that everything is running smoothly, but the need for people will be less. I see it starting to happen even in local restaurants. For example my local Applebee’s has new machines on the table you can pretty much order everything you want except your entrée on this machine for now. On a busy weekend you would normally have to staff 10-17 servers that’s now cut in half you do not need as much staff when a machine is doing half the work for the server. Managers are going to not only have to learn how to train employees to work with these new systems, but also deal with grumpy employees who hours have been cut and the money they are making is not as good. This will greatly impact manager’s day to day operations.
Managers have to deal with people every day and the changes that affect them, changing attitudes, expectations, perceptions, and behaviors in my opinion one of the harder task a manager has to face. Organizational development is an important part of a manager’s job this focuses on people and the nature and quality of interpersonal work relationships. There are different OD techniques used to make changes in the organizations people to make them work together better. Techniques such as sensitivity training, team building, intergroup development, process consultation, and survey feedback. ...

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