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Managing Financial Resources And Decision Essay

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General information about the company:
- the full name of the company: the restaurant "Millennium";
- the legal form of the company: general partnership;( being in a partnership the company has more chance to be successful not only cause more capital is injecting to the business but also expertise or specialised skills and knowledge can be used to run the business smoothly. Important is that any kind of liabilities are divided between the partners.)
- activities: industry: restaurants, retail and utilities;
- company location: ...view middle of the document...

For instance, a lease is a special type of long-term debt that allows you to benefit from the use of an asset in exchange for rental payments without having to purchase the asset. This is particularly useful when dealing with assets that have a predictable lifespan and that are closely linked to a company's productivity, such as machinery and vehicles. That way this tape of log term finance will be perfect to this project.

Organisation of activities.
The costs incurred for necessary improvements-costs of repair, overhaul and the purchase of equipment, including: repair and modernization of premises 6 500.00;
Kitchen furniture 1 800.00;
Large appliances (gas-stove, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, cooling) 5 400.00;
Small appliances (microwave oven, food processor, coffee maker, kettle, chop) 1 600.00;
Office equipment (computer, laptop, software, rack, wardrobe, printer, scanner, fax, telephone, bathroom, Office desk, Chair, ) 7 800.00;
Kitchen equipment (pots, pans, tableware, cutlery, glass, bathroom) 2 700,00
Bar furniture (racks, high chairs, cash register) 3 200.00
restaurant furniture (tables, chairs, clothes-hangers) 19 000.00

In total: 48 000.00.

Revenue expenditure is involved with the costs of doing business on a day to day basis. Businesses use their revenues both to gather capital which can be used in the long term, and to cover direct expenses. Revenue expenditures include things like maintenance, wages and salaries, and costs for utilities, basically is the consists of expenses which must be covered immediately to keep the business running.
For day to day expenses will be good short-term financing which can be used up to a year to help corporations increase inventory orders, payrolls and daily supplies. Short-term financing includes the following financial instruments:
Organizational structure of the company
The staff includes workers at the following workstations:
1 manager 2 chefs; 2 bartender; 3 kitchen aides; 4 waitresses; 1 accountant; 1 sales representative;
1 driver; 2 cleaners.
Salary-remuneration for work on individual positions is as follows: gross earnings,
Manager 2 000.00
chef 1400.00
Bartender 1000.00 + tips
kitchen Aid 1200.00
Waitress 1000.00 + tips
Accountant 1400.00
Sales representative 950.00
Driver 100.00
Cleaner 850,00

Production Plan- The production plan was calculated for a period of time and it shall be as follows:

- finished products-£ 1000.00 (including dairy products, bread, frozen food etc.)
- intermediates for the preparation of dishes- £1 300.00 (dairy products, vegetables, meat, cold meats, fats, etc.)

- alcoholic- £ 7 200.00 (beer, wine, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, vodka);
- non-alcoholic drinks-£ 2 400.00 (fruit juice, mineral water and still water, and other soft drinks);
- hot drinks-£ 900,00 (different kinds of coffee and tea, hot chocolate).

- finished products- £500.00 (cookies, cakes,...

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