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Joy of Chocolate
Q1. Suzy started the joy of chocolate with the main goal of surviving. Her consumer goals were to create gourmet chocolates to a very high standard. Suzy worked to offer a unique product and high class chocolates for her customers. She soon built up a reputation for dependability through always delivering orders on time. These are her product goals. Suzy’s secondary goals are, offering products with local connections, enhanced with local produce. Suzy’s objective was to seek out fair trade suppliers.
Q2. Formal organization, component of an organization’s social structure designed to guide and constrain the behavior of the organization’s members. They have very strict rules to follow and serious discipline actions. Formal organizations are often places like the army, law firms etc.
An Informal organization is more social and relaxed. Informal ...view middle of the document...

These groups are categorized in to either Internal or External stakeholders, sometimes they can be both internal and external.
Internal stakeholders at Joy of Chocolate start with Suzy Campbell as the owner. The head of chocolate department Leon Houmond and also Chocolate production factory manager Hafiz Shah. Amina Zan who was appointed by the bank for financial support is also classed as an internal stakeholder. Employees are also classed as internal stakeholders within a company. For example Hafiz has two assistants – Mary Taylor and Adrian Buchanan who are stakeholder of the company. Internal stakeholders such as management and owners highly influence the organization. Especially the owner, to make profit.
External stakeholders of joys of chocolate would be the hotel and restaurants in which joy of chocolate supply to and also the Dominican Republic and Ivory Coast which joy of chocolate use as suppliers. As well as these external stakeholders the general customers who buy from joy of chocolate are also known as stakeholders. The suppliers that provide to Joy of Chocolate, are crucial as without these ingredients Joy of chocolate would be unable to provide customers such as hotels and restaurants with gourmet chocolates that they require.
Q5. This is where Employees of a business are formally specified with methods and procedures to follow and applied to the conduct of tasks. The output approach is where the success of the company is measured directly by the end result and specification of outs standards and targets. Employees are also rewarded and penalized if they fail to meet targets. With all these approaches followed as a strategy for management within Joy of Chocolate it would ensure the company is ran effectively.
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