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Managment System In Ptcl Essay

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Pakistan Telecommunication Limited

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Results 8
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Quantitative Analysis: 9
Analysis of Findings 9
Conclusion and Recommendations 10
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Questionnaire Survey 15
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List of Visuals
Figure#1: For how long you are working here?
Figure#2: What was the main reason for leaving your previous job?
Figure#3: Are you satisfied with your current salary?
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Our findings of this report are that salaries are positively related to job satisfaction i.e. low salaries lead to dissatisfaction. But only if the financial condition of an employee is not adequate. Other finding is that Job satisfaction of an employee who places extreme importance on pay would be positively impacted if he or she receives a salary within expectation i.e. If Current salaries of employees cannot meet their expectations then dissatisfaction will be outcome attitude of employees. But, the overall findings are limited to just one organization. It cannot be generalized to overall industrial scenario in the country so further research is required in order to find justifiable results.

Compensation is the reward received by a worker in return for his/her input to the organization. It is an essential part of Human Resource Management which helps in motivating the workers and improving organizational effectiveness. Motivation is a human psychological characteristic that contributes to a person's degree of commitment, (Adeyinka, 2007). In our report we focus on the relationship between compensation and job satisfaction. Salary as a part of compensation, it has an effect on job. (Cathrine, 2008). According to Herzberg theory low salaries lead to job dissatisfaction not to satisfaction, (hezberg, 1956). We will put this theory in Pakistan’s telecommunication company (PTCL). We will further put emphasis on the reasons behind this problem. This study responds to three calls for research to include: (1) low salaries and dissatisfaction, (2) Current salaries of employees and their expectations, (3) underpaid employees feelings and outcome attitude. 
The research on which this report is based drives from survey and relates to Pakistan telecommunication company limited employing approximately twenty two thousand people in 2012. The company is located in all over the Pakistan. PTCL is leading information and technology service provider in the region they are the link that allows global communication. They are striving towards mobilizing the world for future, by becoming the partners in innovation, as they are ready to shape a future that offers telecom services to bring the world closer. As their mission statement is stated that they have to achieve their vision by having “an organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality; an environment that is cost effective and quality conscious; Services that are based on the most optimum technology; "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service; Sustained growth in earnings and profitability”.
They have 90% of market capitalization with their product like wireless and wire line broadband services. There 200 branches are spread in allover Pakistan. They are market leader in telecommunication sector. In 1962 PTCL was establish as first Pakistan’s telecommunication company. It was state owned company but in 1994 govt. of Pakistan sold its share,26%...

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