Many Rivers To Cross Essay

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By 1968 civil rights movements had achieved victories in the courts and in congress.
But would a famer be able to achieve equality

Video starts off with the news that MLK was assassinated. Once killed, politics of non-violence was out of the window. Rioting occurred across the country. Black panther party had a rise due to this.

Kathleen Neal – working for racial equality. Decided to join the panthers after meeting eldridge Cleaver. Panthers enacted their 2nd Amendment rights to protect black communities in Oakland. Young blacks were encouraged by the BPs.
Guns and Butter – defense and community support programs. Panthers changed the ideas of many blacks to feel that freedom was black power. Black feminism, cultural nationalism – reconnect with the culture of their ...view middle of the document...

FBI launched an attack on the Black Panther. Called the greatest threat to the security of the country. Wanted to cause conflict between black groups. COINTELPRO.

1972 – Many black organization came together in Gary, In to find a unified agenda through the first national black political convention.

Tale of three cities – few successful blacks, black middle class w/o middle class stability, and a lot of poor. Businesses, whites and successful blacks moved to the suburbs. Problems in the black communities weren’t being addressed by the government. Which lead to drug increase.

The war on drugs was started but turned out to be the war on drugs in the inner cities. By being successful in this facet they were able to garner public support. Young black men started to fill the jails. Schools suffered so things like art and music programs were cut. Blacks started creating their own music (hip hop) to fill the void. Rap was considered the black CNN because it addressed the issues blacks were facing (Chuck D).

Cosby show – portrayed a successful black family.
Black celebrities were becoming successful with audiences of all colors.

Black men of Labor banded together during Hurricane Katrina. Couldn’t leave for fear of their lives. When aid didn’t come, they went out to rescue people. Black people feel they were left for dead because they were black and poor. After the flooding, soon to be Pres., Barack Obama came to visit.

He inspired voters to vote for him. He was attacked for being assoc with Pastor Jeremiah Wright. What Obama’s election did renewed the creed that America was the land were everything was possible. People wondered was this the end of racism.

Everyone benefited from the civil rights movement. It was emulated around the world to fight for civil rights.

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