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Mark Twain Essay

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The Colonial wars was a bunch of wars that stretched from 1689 until 1763. Many different parties were represented in the wars. Among them were Britain, France, Spain, and various Native American tribes. All of these parties fought to retain control of the Colonies in North America. The Colonial wars can be broken down into four wars; King William's War, which started in 1689 and ended in 1697, Queen Anne's War, which went from 1702 until 1711, King George's War, which went from 1744 until 1748, and The French and Indian War, which started in 1754 and ended in 1763.
King William's War, the first of the Colonial Wars chronologically, was a war between the English and French. The main ...view middle of the document...

This included the famous attack on Deerfield, Massachusetts, killing about 50 settlers and taking over 100 of them captive. The British retaliated by taking Port Royal, again (the French really didn't a good job of protecting this city, huh?). After many more mini battles the English decided to try to attack Quebec The English came up with a plan to invade Quebec with over 5,000 soldiers, double the population of Quebec. At this time the French were struck with a bit of luck. As the English prepared for the attack, many ships were lost due to the rocky shores of Saint Lawrence. Because of this, the attack was cancelled and Quebec remained in the French's control. After some skirmishes in Newfoundland, the two powerhouses agreed to peace once again, signing The Treaty of Utrecht. This gave Britain Acadia, Newfoundland, and the Hudson Bay.
The third war, King George's War, was started in 1744. This war wawsn't actually started by either of the the powerhouse countries. It was started by Britain needing to come to the aid of their ally, Austria. Hearing that Britain officially declared war the French decided to attack Annapolis Royal. Unlike the French, the British were able to hold it. The British retaliated by taking Louisberg after a 2 month battle. After the French decided to try to recover Louisberg. They never made it their due to disease and the death of the Commander, Duc d'Anville. After some more fighting the countries decided to make peace, yet again. The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle was agreed upon and basically restored everything to the way it was before this war, meaning the British had to give back Louisburg. Ofcourse, this didn't last long. The fourth and final "war" was soon to come.
The French and Indian War, the last of the colonial wars, because in 1754. It all started due to a conflict of interests. The French wanted control of a few rivers in ohio which would've given them a connection from Canada to Louisiana. The English were trying to expand west which couldn't be done if the French had control of the rivers leading down to the Louisiana territory. It started when George Washington was sent to protect a fort that was supposed to be built. When Washington arrived he discovered that it was already taken. Washington set up a different fort called Fort Necessity nearby. Washington quickly lost Fort Necessity and so the French and Indian War began. The a series of major battles took place including The Battle of the Wilderness, The Battle of Lake George, the battles at Fort Ticonderoga, the battle of Louisburg, and finally the battle to take Quebec. This war went back and forth with both sides winning big battles and both actually taking Fort Ticonderoga at times. The British at the beginning of the war were opposing not only the French, but many Native Americans who were allies of the French. The Biritsh came to a few treaties with a couple of the Native Americans including the Iroquois, the...

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