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Marketing Plan

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1.2 COMPANY MISSION: Error! Bookmark not defined.
2.situation analysis 5
2.1 market summary: 5
2.1.1 market demographics, needs, trends: 5
2.2 swot analysis: 5
2.3 competition: 6
2.4 macro environment: 7
2.Marketing strategy 8
3.1 market research: 9
3.2 target market and positioning: 9
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Marketing is all about making your product known to consumers and persuading them to use. A well-organized market plan needs to be developed and unbeaten marketing strategy has to be followed to capture the hearts of millions. You have to repeatedly make people aware of your products and service to make it effective. L’Oreal being a brand in itself would be an added advantage for the launch of any product.
This market plan, like all others would be a road map which would guide us to the direction towards our destination.
I would be launching the L’Oreal men’s line of products including Moisturizer along with its existing products of deodorant, roll on, after shaving lotion and so forth. The literature review of this market plan would consists of it target market, situational analysis, it macro environment and competitive factors, along with branding and product life cycle. There would be a set of primary research questionnaires’ with its analysis, followed by implementation.

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