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Market Research Essay

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Objective of market research:
-To transform the research plan into an actionable plan to control drug abuse
-To analyse the impact of advertisements on drug abuse
-Providing recommendations to mayor based on the research conducted
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This had an impact on the data collected from the initial FGDs. Though assuming Drug Use patterns as per the age groups was not accurate, it was the best that should have been done in thus situation, due to the time constraint and identifying participants as per the exact drug use pattern would itself become a market survey. Only area based and age based Focus Group Segmentation were done. The ethicity was avoided by considering the area with the majority of a race as the focus group representing the race.

Screening Questions

A questionnaire was prepared by the members of the team performing the research to find characteristics of people that should be included into the focus groups. They wanted to have a broader view on the topic based on the experience. The screening questions were based on the exposure the drugs, valuable things in life, influence of television apart from the information on age, sex and race of the teenager. This was an appropriate way to make sure that all the segments are present for focus group discussions. However, this did not have any indication on the types of drugs preferred by the teenagers so that an appropriate marketing strategy could be developed.

Interview Protocols

The moderator would drive the focus group discussions through a set of predetermined directions. Five categories were identified for discussion; attitude towards others, impressions of advertising, drug awareness, motivations for drug use, and influences on actions/opinions. The topics like impressions of advertising was usually discussed first to make the group comfortable. These discussions were altered in later groups so that the topics not covered are discussed. It was also observed that the groups were shy and restrained themselves from speaking in front of the moderator.

Data analysis Method

Using the creative marketing field study field member created a set of questioners for the focus group moderators. For collecting response for these questions the segmentation was done according to the age i.e. 10-13 years and 14-18 years. From sample of this age group by using qualitative analysis the focus group was selected on the basis of their responses given in the basic questioners given for them.

After the selection of the focus group the questioners created by the field member are floated to these children and their responses were recorded for analyzing.

Separate survey for 10-13 years and 14-18years

Responses by the 10-13 years

These age group children are very much aware of the ill effect of the drugs and what are the consequences of the drugs. They also had the knowledge of the type of people consuming drugs, why do they consume, how do they consume. They were influenced by the Education programs conducted in School program to educate and control drug abuse (SPECDA). This program is made compulsory in the education system so that the government can raise the awareness within this age group kids. They were also...

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