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Marketer Essay

328 words - 2 pages

To: All Departments/Colleges concerned 2/13/15

From: Debbie Montgomery
Support Specialist
Classroom Scheduling

Re: Spring Semester (15SS) Block Exam room assignments

The following is a list of the approved Block Exams and their room assignments. As always,
I if a conflict occurs between a regular exam and a block exam, the block exam must offer a
make-up exam. If a student has a conflict with two block exams at the same time, the
professors of the conflicting courses must ...view middle of the document...

, & Old Chem 525
Math 1060/61 Calculus I Lindner Center 450 & Rievschl 502
Spanish Spanish Classes See Below

Wednesday, April 29th, 4:30-6:30pm
Math 1044 Applied Calculus I Zimmer Aud,
Math 1021 College Algebra Old Chem 525 & 527
Math 1026 Pre-Calculus Old Chem 601
Phys 1052 General Physics II Braunstein 201, 300 & 301
French French classes See Below

Thursday, April 30th, 4:30-6i:30pm
Math 1062 Calculus II Zimmer Aud. & Old Chem 601
Math 1045 Applied Calculus II Old Chem 525 & 527
Stat 1031 Introduction to Statistics McMicken 127
Math 3022 Mathemathics for Middle School
Teachers II: Algebra 60 W Charlton 227

Thursday, April 30th, 4:30-6:300pm
Italian ( Make-up exam) Old Chem 702
French (Make-up exam) Old Chem 704
Spanish (Make-up exam) Old Chem 530 & 531

Spanish rooms – Tuesday, April 28th
Old chem 527
McMicken 127
McMicken 43
Braunstein 201, 300, & 301
Baldwin 544
Baldwin 755
Swift 500 & 800
RecCenter 3200, 3210, 3220, & 3250

French rooms – Wednesday, April 29th
RecCenter 3220 & 3250
Old Chem 530, 531, 605, 623, 702, 704 & 804

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