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Marketing Information System Essay

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Globally, there is a wide variety of market information system or services which varies across the world depending on a country or company and the market system that they use. Such system is utilized by country or company to increase the transparency and volume of information that they want to promote depending on the type of products or services that is to be marketed. It is the timely marketing information system that provides the basis for monitoring and estimating emerging market trends. A company may never effectively grow or progress without having the appropriate marketing information system in place. This concept paper looks at Marketing ...view middle of the document...

A marketer is required to continuously interact with people or customers to obtain this kind of information. Through marketing research, marketing information systems intends to collect as much as they can to bring together disparate items of data into a coherent body of information. These information are vital for a company when making decisions on building their marketing strategy and target the market that they want to focus on and to improve their marketing plan, implementation and control.

A good example is taken from International countries having strong emphasis on the importance of information provision for the agricultural sector in the market with United States Department of Agriculture being a service provider. With the commitment and focus of countries on the world agricultural market, market information system was seen as providing valuable service and was strengthened with development of internet and advance of electronic commerce. With rapid growth of the global market and the demanding nature of agricultural transactions, more developed countries are looking at advancing their technologies to be in line and pace with the advanced industry structure and commerce in agriculture. With available advanced technology in place leads to more advanced and superior information that enables companies to choose their markets better, develop better offerings, and execute better market planning. Having the right and appropriate marketing information system in place determines the kind of information a company or marketers will obtained.

South Pacific Context – Digicel and Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) in Tonga
Being isolated from the global world, Pacific Island countries are faced with various constraints to economic developments when compared to more developed countries. Tonga deals with this issue by mitigated in part by improved access to and more affordable telecommunications, especially high-speed (broadband) internet that has become vital for the functioning of modern economies worldwide. Two major telecommunication companies in Tonga are Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) which is locally owned, and Digicel. Both of these company offers satellite connection, email, fax, and telephone and mobile phone services in which the population of Tonga is fortunate to use for their needs of communication and connects them locally and to the rest of the world.

Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) was merged with the domestic business in February 2001 as cable and wireless plc exited Tonga. Being a 100% Tongan owned company and only offering total communication solutions, TCC falls under the Ministry of Public enterprises of the Government of Tonga. Because it was the only telecommunication services in Tonga at the time, TCC dominated the market with a 100% market share with its operation on fixed telephone lines, 70% market share on dial up and broadband internet and over 50% market share of GSM mobile services. It...

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