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Marketing Plan: Boating Services
Doctor Shirley McLaughlin
MKT 500 Strayer University

Executive Summary
To provide boat owners and their families with the best mobile boat repair experience by maintaining a passion for delivering quality services, satisfy customers' needs by providing timely, reliable and courteous service.
This business entity will be formed in May 2014 with me, as the founder. I’m currently responsible for all business planning and decisions. There will be one a personal assistant who supports all administrative functions to include ordering supplies, interfacing with customers and providing customer support. The business will be ...view middle of the document...

Sociocultural – Boating is seen as a recreational activity and possibly as one by the wealthy. It is actually an activity that can be enjoyed by those using personal water crafts to boat owners that have the ability to stay on the water for days at a time. It is to many a getaway, vacation or as with a houseboat, a daily way of life.
Technological –Technology has had an incredible impact on boating. Many boats are now equipped with fish finders and navigational systems. For those that do not come with them, they can be installed. This technology allows for those with a defined purpose for their boating experience, to make sure that it’s achieved. The U.S. Coastguard released a statement on April 13, 2014 in which it stated that nautical map updates, while still being made, would not be available in print. They can be purchased and also printed on demand for the technologically savvy boater. For those who enjoy adventure, they may choose to use the technology that they have purchased with their boat instead of relying on paper charts.
This will both increase the demand for tutoring services to learn to use the technology and as it becomes more heavily relied upon, increase the demand for these tools and programs. boating Services will provide tutoring mainly for Lowrance products (fish finders and chartplotters).
• Primary market includes boaters who need immediate assistance (emergency repairs) while out on one of the covered bodies of water. This includes towing and repairs that would allow them to return to shore safely or continue with their planned activities for the day.
• Secondary market includes service for boats to include general, preventative maintenance and winterization. Hourly based tutoring services on boat electronics.
• Brand Name: Boating Services
• Logo: Gladiator at the helm with sword raised
• Slogan: We’ll power to your rescue!
• Brand extension: Performance basics clothing donning the extension G8 logo: pants, shirts hats, windbreakers, shoes, sunglasses. These items will represent the company, but serve a greater purpose by providing for last minute clothing needs or the back up for the occasional unexpected wet launch.
As Marketing is a new business, the following performance analysis concerns will be addressed based on what could be future development concerns:
Referrals – A large portion of the towing, maintenance and winterization revenues will be based on referrals. Emergency repairs and tows to shore will be offered, but the driver for referrals and repeat business will be mobile maintenance and towing or transport launches.
Social Media Engagement – I’d like to have a web page or a way to use some sort of social media to engage current and future customers. I believe it will be critical to have a way that allows new customers to know the services I provide along with updates of how the business will change over the course of the year. A site allows out of town...

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