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Marketing Plan For Fast Track Essay

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Marketing plan for





Group Number: 2 Sec A

Alisha Mittal (PGP/15/002)

Aparna Venugopal (FPM/05/02)

Lakshay Manchanda (PGP/15/022)

Debi Prasanna Pati (PGP/15/012)

Rashmi Khatri (PGP/15/042)

Shivangi Priya (PGP/15/052)

Paresh Patil (PGP/15/032)

Vikas Rai Arora (PGP/15/062


1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ……………………………………………………………4

2. BRAND DESCRIPTION …………………………………………...............................5

3. SITUATION ANALYSIS ….…...................................................................................5

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' When Dorabji heard this, he commented dryly that ‘if he had carried out his undertaking, he would have had some slight indigestion.
— Verrier Elvin

The quote by Verrier Elvin throws light on why Tata products are still considered to be unique path breakers in all streams of business in India.

Titan industries’ claim of “Binding relationships to life” is what attracted us to this brand, and then to its subbrand Fastrack. Its unique sense of positioning with Titan’s products itself competing in the same product category but at slightly different market segments, intrigued us into a detailed study of its segmentation, positioning and targeting plans.

In this study on Titan Fastrack watches, we have come up with what we believe to be still better micro segmentation suggestions for fastrack products with other fashion variants. With a number of 50-70 footfalls each day and conversion to sale is in the range of 50-55% and a high involvement buying process Titan fastrack seems like a product where further customized products do deem scope.

A detailed study of the situation showed us that there were a plethora of untapped opportunities out there in the name of social networking site freaks, music lovers and health conscious customers. The Denim, Bikers, Grunge, Women’s collection etc are again modes to attract these gaping holes in the prevailing plan.

We have also designed an integrated marketing communications plan for this marketing strategy with media, social networking sites, and promotions. The financial projections for the aforesaid plans are included in our study.



Titan Industries, best known as India's pioneering manufacturer of quartz watches, has also etched a niche for itself in some of the most competitive spaces in the fashion industry. Being the world's fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer, Titan Industries has created and sold more than a 110 million pieces the world over.

With a production rate of over 12 million watches per annum and a customer base of over 100 million, Titan Industries owns its own place in the product category of watches.
Capturing the important market segments and the changing fashion trends, Titan Industries has brought forth many core watch brands: Fastrack was crafted to fit the trendy fashion space with a focus on the youth.

Titan Industries’ pride possession, a world-class design studio for watches and accessories, is the place where some of the most coveted creations have been conceptualized and hence we have chosen the brand of Titan, and the sub brand of Titan fastrack as our subject of study.
Exclusive World of Titan and Fastrack showrooms and over 12,000 outlets in more than 2,554 cities in India make these much-sought-after watches available to the buyers. The watches are also offered internationally in 30 countries, with a special focus on the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions....

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