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Marketing Plan For Tourism Macedon Ranges

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Marketing Plan for Tourism Macedon Ranges

Executive Summary

This case study was written to address the topic of Marketing Plan for Tourism Macedon Ranges. The case study draws attention to the background analysis of the Macedon Ranges and how it interacts with the market with main objectives for improving tourism. The foremost aim of this marketing campaign is to create greater international awareness of the Macedon Ranges to the desired customers. A problem that the Macedon Ranges face is the lack of visitors with a declined statistic in 2010 compared to the previous five year time line. To overcome this problem, a marketing campaign solution is too broad out there advertisement ...view middle of the document...

The population of the Macedon Ranges area is around 41,000 people and includes towns of Clarkefield, Gisborne, Kyneton, Lancefield, Macedon, Malmsbury, Mount Macedon, New Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Romsey and Woodend. The region has been known as a tourist attraction site since the early 1900s based on its historic stone buildings, glimpses of the local Mount Macedon at every corner, boutique cellar doors, fresh farm produce, boutique shops with windows full of treats, exquisite gardens, all manner of specialist art galleries and restaurants and cafes serving the best of local produce. Tourism accounts for nearly one in five jobs in the region and over one million tourists visit the region each year. Moreover, unlike other tourist destinations, the Macedon Ranges region does not encounter peaks over school holidays, yet remains an attraction all year round. The Macedon Ranges region is known for many attributes, more significantly, it is popular for tourism because it is the home of the internationally recognised Hanging Rock, its nine historic villages and its sweeping views of Melbourne that can be seen from the top of the local mountain, Mount Macedon. Other tourist attractions include a local food and wine industry, more artesian crafts and artists per capita than almost anywhere else in Australia. The Macedon Ranges does possess several marketing objectives that can increase the level of tourism within the area. It aims to achieve international awareness through targeted advertisement to Australia’s neighbouring Asian countries and well as attempting to attract local and national tourists through advertisements in magazines, posters and the media. The Macedon Ranges however lack the use of social media which currently is the biggest form of advertisement that best connects and alerts consumers in the market. Hence, it is a crucial fact that the Macedon Ranges should develop their technology and knowledge of advertisement through social media.
At the Macedon Ranges, the marketing team has identified three main objectives for improving tourism. The foremost aim of this marketing campaign is to create greater international awareness of the Macedon Ranges to the desired customers. The main target for this campaign is travelling business communities from the Asian region especially China. Once these communities visit the Macedon Ranges, there will be an increased chance of promotion of the Macedon Ranges by these businesses to their own customers as well as their fellow friends and families about their time. Another intention to market the Macedon Ranges is via a regional business hub that could attract organisations from regions outside of the Macedon Ranges as well as across Australia. Advertisement techniques for these two populations can include inflight magazines in both domestic and international flights. The team at the Macedon Ranges have also recognized that there is a lack of social media advertisement and involvement, which has been...

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