Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing Strategy Template Research

Tempess Barnett, Jennifer Bautch, Laura Bentem, Shana Estabrooks, Kenisha Sulker

HCS/490- Health Care Consumer Trends & Marketing

April 18, 2016

Dan Crawley

Marketing Strategy Template Research

Introduction (Tempess)

Marketing & Communication Strategy Templates

SWOT analysis is a situational assessment that can be used for marketing strategies for a business. SWOT analysis is the breakdown of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the business; they are able to utilize this breakdown to their benefit for marketing purposes. Another marketing strategy is Differential Advantage. Differential ...view middle of the document...

With that being said you need to identify the subject and then identify your strength, then you should identify you weaknesses. Then you must identify your opportunities in order to have better growth, profit, and larger market share. Lastly you must identify your threats. (Gomer, 2015). Then we have the next marketing strategy we have is the differential advantage. Then we have the two communication strategies that must be used also. The first communication strategy is the integration marketing communication. The components that make up the integration marketing communication are; foundation, the corporate culture, brand focus, consumer experience, communication tools, promotional tools and integration tools. The foundation stage of this has detailed analysis of the product as well as the target for the market. It is important to understand the brand and any of it offerings. Then we have the corporate culture which features the product and the services. Then we have the brand focus which represents the corporate identity of the brand. Consumer experience should focus more on the consumers experience and how they feel about the product. Communication tools promotes different ways of promoting a particular brand which can include advertising, direct selling, and promoting through social media. Promotional tools can include trading promotions, personal selling and many others. The organization should also try to strengthen their relationship with their customers and external clients. Then the last on is integration tools. With this tool organizations can keep track regularly on their customer feedback and so forth. This helps to ensure the effectiveness of different integrated...

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