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Business Solution Assessment and Validation
TouchPoint Packaging
Jan Morrison

Capella University


September 23, 2011

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 3
1.1 Introduction to the Case Study – TouchPoint Packaging 3
1.2 Case Study Background 3
2 Proposed Solution Compliance with Functional Requirements – TouchPoint Packaging 3
2.1 Identify Functional Requirements 3
2.2 Evaluate current solution with Functional Requirements 3
3 Evaluate Compliance of Security Requirements 4
4.1 Compliance with Security Issues 4
4 Develop Assessment Approach for the Measuring the Usability of the Implementation 4
4.1 Determine Assessment for Measuring Usability 4
4.2 What are ...view middle of the document...

The company is looking to expand and add value to their business by offering available packaging for certain computer equipment and IT tech products.
During their investigations TouchPoint Packaging realized that computer product companies had set standards of quality assurance that adhered to ISO 9000 guidelines. The problem was believed to be related to the demanding standards of the new customer. With this information in hand, a review of their quality standards was initiated in order to ensure they could meet the potential customers needs. A case study was conducted revealing that the current process being used was not up to par to attract a more profitable customer base.

1.2 Case Study Background
A study group comprised of QC personnel and QC lab.-production workers was created to address a key variable of control over repeat length variation that ultimately drives the company performance. The case study revealed that TouchPoint’s current process produced a repeat length of ± 1/8 inches (or ± 3.125mm, whereas the new customer adheres to ISO 9000 specifications and requires a repeat length of ± 1mm. As it stands, the repeat length is to be the length over two drum revolutions of printing using the electronic eye spots as the measuring starting and ending points using pocket rulers to measure the repeat length. It was decided to replace the pocket rulers with digital calipers.

The current process only differentiates between acceptable and non-acceptable lots with loose specifications. As it stands the repeat length was to be the length over two drum revolutions of printing using the electronic eye spots as the measuring starting and ending points using pocket rulers to measure the repeat length. Minimizing repeat length variation was important to the new the customer's base since the cut-off for the packaging was based on these eye spots.

The QC lab did not have a measurement system that was adequate, but even so was used for testing the proficiency of the system. Plus no attempt was made to determine if the printing press operators capability of measuring. Was acceptable or even the same as the QC Lab.

After careful analysis to determine the best approach, the study group realized that the problem was not an issue concerning the potential customers demanding standards, but that Touchpoints current process affected the company’s ability to attract a more valuable and wider customer base. In other words, “The problem was not that appropriate data couldn't be measured, but that measurement systems were ill defined to measure meaningful mean and standard deviation information ” (Knight & Tracy, 2007)..

It was determined that the company needed to...

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