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Cameron Dufour
Consumer Behaviour Journal
Week of October 30th, 2011

Items/Services Purchased | | Cost ($) | Details |
Groceries - Wal-Mart & Sobeys | | $55.00 | Personal |
Gasoline - Macewen North | | $20.00 | Social |
Fast Food - Subway | | $15.00 | Social |
Picture Frame - Wal-Mart | | $15.00 | Personal |
Cell Phone | | $60.00 | Personal |
Total | | $165.00 | |

As I look over for my purchases for this week, I have noticed that they were pretty even for personal and social events. Both the groceries and picture frame purchases were mandatory. From the grocery bill, $20.00 was a purchase from Wal-Mart for a box of chicken. The specific reason why I ...view middle of the document...

Fast-food was a total of $15.00 this week, I bought my roommate a sub from Subway, and we are both loyal to the Subway brand and could possibly eat there every day. Subway constantly markets over the radio and television in North Bay, no wonder there are so many stores in this town. People crave the sandwiches they offer and being an employee at Subway I can agree that our marketing campaigns attract and keep consumers coming into our restaurant. It is a well-organized company that knows how to keep the consumers eye solely on them and no other competition. Even though the purchase was not mandatory, the persuasion factor of my roommate was too great, plus the television ads that were on prior to the conversation took place. The last and final payment for this week was my cell phone bill. It has never been so high before, and the reason for that is most likely because of my long distance calling to home. I would do anything to save money with meant not buying a home land-line for our house, which makes me force to call everyone with my mobile phone. This was a personal payment, it is money coming out of my own pocket, and it has definitely has taught me more about my memory process. I look at the consequences about calling long distance and now I can re-evaluate my decisions and perhaps avoid a huge bill next time it has to be paid.
Week of November 6th, 2011
| | Cost($) | Details |
Nipissing - Cafeteria | | $25.00 | Social |
Gasoline - Canadian Tire | | $40.00 | Personal |
Sears - Pants, Slippers | | $35.00 | Personal |
Video Games - Xbox console | | $80.00 | Personal |
LCBO | | $25.00 | Personal |
Subway | | $4.00 | Social |
Total | | $209.00 | |
| | | |
This week consisted of spending a lot of money. It involved a few road trips from North Bay to Sarnia and back. So to start off we will look at the purchase of the Gasoline, it was not my decision to purchase Canadian Tire gas, and it was my girlfriends. It was her car, and she...

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