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Maximize Profit In Incident Management Operations Of It Service Company

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Assignment Of OR

Maximize profit in Incident Management operations of IT service Company

Akhil Gupta


Batch – PGCBM-21

SMS ID – 110402

Faculty Name - Dr Supriya Kumar De

Study Center – Grand Mall, Gurgaon

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I am working in a project where we get 3 types of incidents and for each resolution we get some (dollar)
amount. At high level, we have 3 teams Design, Build and Test . Analysis and assignment of incidents is done by client team so we don’t have any role to play there. Team size is also decided by clients based on number of incidents they assign to us.
I am formulating that problem based on my project and will provide some analysis ...view middle of the document...

To resolve one incident of one type data is shown below -
For type X - requires 4 hours of design effort, 5 hours of build and 4 hours of testing effort. Gets revenue of 9500/-
For type Y – requires 2 hour of design, 5 hour of build and 7 hour of testing. Gets revenue of 8000/-
For type Z – requires 3 hour of design, 4 hour of build and 2 hour of testing. Gets revenue of 7000/-
Company has policy to of 8 hour per day work and 5 day a week.
Right now project is assigned 30 design resources, 60 build resources and 50 testing resources.
Overall cost for all logistics, computer, internet infrastructure, salary and other benefits costs Design resources at 300/- per hour, build – 200/- per hour and test 100/- per hour.
It is mandatory to resolve 10 incidents of each type daily.
Analyze above problem statement and suggest project how many of each incidents it should resolve daily to maximize profit. Also provide thoughts on scenarios listed below.
1) What will be the maximum profit project can earn with specified constraints.
2) What if on one day 3 design, 2 build and 6 testing resources are on leave? What will be the impact?
3) What if project wants to start a new indent type – P having revenue of 6000, requires effort – 2 hour for each Design, Build and Test.
4) What if project wants to start a new indent type – Q having revenue of 8000, requires effort – 4 hour for Design, 2 hour for Build and 3 hour for Test.
5) What if there is no constraint on having at least 10 incidents of each type of incidents, which one can be dropped and why?
6) Should project hire more of Design, test and build resources?
7) What will be allowable range for Type Y and Type Z to be profitable?
Effort Available per Day –
1) Design effort available is 30*8 = 240,
2) Build – 60*8=480 and
3) test 50*8 = 400 hours.
Profit = Revenue – Cost
1) Profit for X => 9500 – (4*300 + 5*200 + 4*100) = 6900
2) Profit for Y => 8000 – (2*300 + 5*200 + 7*100) = 5700
3) Profit for Z => 7000 – (3*300 +4*200 + 2*100) = 5100
To Maximize – 6900 * X +5700 * Y + 5100 * Z
4*X + 2*Y + 3*Z

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