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The claim by Mbembe that African identity doesn’t exist as a substance is valid to a greater extent when we take into consideration that African has multiple ancestries. Mbembe criticize African scholarship where somehow they isolate Africa from the world by putting Africa as the place for blacks who share a common identity. This assertion set obstacles to moving forward and engaging with the African history. For Mbembe identity is a substance constituted through a series of practices which means that African identity cannot be named or subsumed under one category. It is of importance to note that Africa is not a country, though African share ...view middle of the document...

Time has come to move away from history and find a way to get to a point of realisation of consciousness. The critical engagement with African history will help understand Africa not as a victim and provides a way to address the barriers to progress to reach a point where every human being is recognised as human regardless of factors like race, ethnicity or gender as it was the case in the history. The marginalised in Africa are not only the blacks as other intellectuals portrays but also other designated groups. One is tempted to ask for the fruits of independence.
Mbembe and Fanon though has some differences they could have agreed on a number of points including the role played by colonisation, apartheid and slavery and the need to engage with history for progress as Africa. According to Sekyi-Otu (2003:03), in the post colonial era Fanon could have advocated for the process of decolonisation to deal the psychological effects of the colonial era. Marginalisation of other groups still exist in the post colonial era, this was thought to be rooted in the colonialists still poses a threat to progress and identity formation process. Mbembe furthers African modernist self writing as impoverished and superficial as somehow doesn’t portray the real African realities. Mbembe to some extent proposes that the power relations between Africa and its colonisers should be neutralised to restore agency to Africans. According to Mbembe (2002:259) portrays power as defused in a society, as a social relation equally accessible to all people, however...

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