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Mcdonalds Essay

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Resources and Capabilities of McDonald
As one of the leading companies in the world and invading every country, there is no doubt that McDonald is the leader in fast food industry. This fact has been proven for so many years and this will not happen if the company did not apply any strategies with their resources and calculating their capabilities.
The strategy may come in planning in the business setting. The process of developing and maintaining the goals and capabilities is reflected to its changing marketing opportunities. The corporate strategy lays in their institutional mission, supporting goals and objectives, an appropriate implementation (2007).
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Capabilities as Routine
McDonald applied an essential step in translating directions and operating practices into capabilities. The idea of routine in every McDonald such as operating manuals that provides precise directions for the conduct of every activity. In the continuous practice or repetition, the operating manuals are referred in the course of day-to-day operations, the tasks become a routine. In addition, this allows the McDonald’s outlets worldwide to produce the standard fast food products. The successful firms used the knowledge as part of the fundamental transformation in their enterprises. Moreover, the McDonald’s and other companies pioneered the transformation through systematization which is appropriate in their processes ( 2007).
If the routines develop learning by-doing, and this was supported by the knowledge, then, the idea of systematization is easy. The idea of systematization underlies in the capability of the standard operating procedures of one company to disseminate in all over the outlets or branches the McDonalds may have. The business system that the company has is guided by the operating procedures and training manuals that governs the operation and maintenance of each restaurant. The idea of systematization presumes that the firm can more fully articulate the processes as part of its capabilities.
With concern of knowledge management, McDonald’s companies are primarily implementing the McDonald’s system. The essence of systematization of knowledge is followed by every outlet with a detailed set of rules. Therefore, the operating practices became...

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