Me And Government Essay

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Michael Lopez

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Identify the five key or most important facts found in your article. Read the complete article highlight facts on your article.

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Reason this is important:
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Cover the complete article not just the beginning. Do not just rewrite the above five facts.

Discuss your reactions, thoughts, feeling about the issue being addressed in the article. Be sure to cite examples for your article to support your viewpoint. At least one paragraph 5-6 sentences.

Reliability and credibility rating: Count up your yes answers to create your reliability rating.

1. Is the author familiar to you? No
2. Does the author provide contact information, professional background, or current employment information? Yes
3. Is the author a professional in the field, relevant to the article you read? Yes
4. Is the publishing or sponsorship of the source a respectable organization or business? Yes
5. Is the date of publication less than 6 months? Yes
6. Does the author provide an in-depth well rounded overview of the topic being covered? Yes
7. Do you feel that you understand both sides of the issue, being addressed by the source? yes

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