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Mea 1 Essay

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Ms. Tracie Jones
Intro to College Writing 100
February 25, 2009
My Educational Experience
As a freshman in college, I have had numerous experiences with education. Although some of my educational experiences have been negative most of them to date have been positive and very beneficial to me as a student. Many of my educational experiences have been from various sources. Such as, educational videos, the news, lectures, and many other sources.
An educational experience I have encountered is watching Bill Nye the Science Guy videos in my 7th grade earth science class. My class would watch a video on what topic we were discussing that week in class. These videos are very easy to ...view middle of the document...

During my junior year of high school my school started using Promethean Boards to teach math and science. The Promethean Boards were like extremely advanced marker boards, used in the traditional classroom, that would run off a computer. These boards made teaching very easy for the teachers. They could just hand a student, sitting in their seat, the “pen” and “clipboard” and that student would write the answer on the “clipboard” and it would project on the big screen for the whole class to see. The Promethean Boards were a great advancement to our school and to our learning experience. The teachers could spend more time teaching the material and less time writing problems on the board. The boards were used for many other tasks. For example, we could take quizzes and tests on them, play games over the material, and have test reviews. This was a great benefit to my high school.
My college learning experience seems to be more old-fashioned and not so much with the use of technology. In high school we had many great technology advances that helped us learn. In college there aren’t any Promethean Boards to make it easier on the professors and to expand our learning. It’s just cut and dry, you get it or you don’t, there are no special ways of learning just good old-fashioned lecturing the material.
The Promethean Boards suggest that the United States has definitely become a technological advanced society. We do countless things using technology that we wouldn’t have done 10 or 20 years ago. Including the way children are taught in school all around the country using various technological applications.
A third education experience I have encountered is watching the Channel One News that Barber discusses in his essay, “The Educated Student: Global citizen or Global Consumer.” Channel One was a news program that we watched my 7th and 9th grade years on televisions that were provided by the Channel One company. I thought this news program was a great way to let young teenage students recognize what was going on in the world around them. It was very informative and entertaining. I don’t agree with Barber when he says, “Once a day make sure that every student in this school sits in the classroom and watches a very nice little twelve-minute program. Only three minutes of it will be advertising. Let us feed advertising to your kids during a history or social studies class, and we will lend you some technology.” I don’t think that Channel One News was created to be an advertising scam and I don’t think the schools broadcasted the program just to acquire the television sets. I believe that the teachers, principals, and school administrators care about their students and want them to succeed in what ever they aspire to do. Therefore, they give them innumerable resources to achieve their goals; not to scam them by making them watch a news program just so they will get sucked in by the advertisements.
During my college classes we...

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