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Meet The Firm Essay

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English 110
22 Sep 2014
Meet the Firm
As a junior but a “freshmen” here in the United States, I exposed myself to most of the activities happened in my school every day. Tried to get myself familiar with the US culture. I tried every method to join the club or other interests group in order to help me survive in the United States. Most of them turned out to be meaningless, since I am from a different culture that I can barely understand what they were laughing at. However, there is one activity that is so useful for me to learn how to survive in the US culture as a business student, that is the annual career fair “meet the firm”.
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By the time I was thinking how I was not qualified for this event, the door of the hall opened. At that specific moment, everyone stopped talking and turned to looked inside the door. Time seemed pause at that moment, as people watching, holding their breath and waiting for the upcoming things. Soon, some of the firms’ managers came out and greeted us with a simple Hi and a strong handshake. Then every well-dressed man and woman walked inside and found his or her favorite company to talked about. The hall was soon turning into the ocean of noise. Students were busy introducing themselves as well as the companies were busy showing them some appropriate program, others were standing in the queue, craning their neck, standing on their tip-toe, seizing every opportunity to see what those employee asked about. As for me, I was standing aside watching all of this.
I started to learn how to sell myself to the employee. As I had observed, most of the people used thirty-second to make their pitch. So I spent sometime to make my own pitch, and then stood into JP Morgan’s queue. Time was passing so slow that I felt my heart beating faster and faster and my breath is becoming...

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